Hikcco Give Away Event! 


We thank to everyone who participate Face Book Review Event!
There are full of compliments and lovely comments.
Hikoco will try our best to make a better place to shop Korean beauty products in New Zealand 


Now we are announcing the Lucky 10 winners ! 

Hazel Sarcilla

Dennie Chen

Kay Cake Beauty

홍휘연 (Esther Hong) 

Madeleine Pasley

Sun Hoon Kim

Melinda cho

Nani Sugianto

Jen Carruthers

Courtney Shannon


To claim your prize, simply contact via email, also address needs to be confirmed.

To ensure that this competition was fair for everyone, terms and conditions were applied and each person was only eligible to be entered once.

Thanks again to all of you! and let's see what else is coming up soon!



Hi Nani, Thanks for your message! We are so glad to hear that you are satisfied with Hikoco’s lucky pack!
By the way thanks again for your feedback on our website. There is “search” button on the bottom but now we found it is hard to see on the page. It will be modified soon after discuss with our technician team. Hikoco will try our best to make the #1 Korean Cosmetics Online store!

HIKOCO 19 August 2016

Thank you for the prize, they all gorgeous love it to the max! I will recommend your website to my friends who loves Korean cosmetics. Please keep continue to add more products & it will be easier for me to find the product, if you have “search” option on your website. Keep up the good work Hikoco :)

Nani Susijanto 18 August 2016

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