Dear Beauties,

 HIKOCO has realised that the continuing impacts of COVID-19 during the past few days have been more concerning than expected.

We would first like to inform you that the product supplies that we get imported from Korea directly, are very difficult to keep the past restock rate we used to provide. We sincerely apologise that for the next few weeks, HIKOCO would be slightly lower in some of our stocks, and that complimentary samples cannot be given out at the usual quantity. We will try our best to have our stocks back to normal within the next 4 weeks.

At the HIKOCO stores, our team’s main concern is that both our customers and our staff feel safe while being with us, at all times. We do understand you may be having questions for our approach towards COVID-19. As a company dealing with cosmetics, we believe hygiene comes first than anything else, and for our Beauties to not feel at risk while using our products.

Last month, we made face masks as part of our temporary uniform. Yet due to the lack of face mask supplies worldwide, and with the advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) about wearing face masks in regards to the virus, we have decided to withdraw this decision; Nevertheless, we are still aware and alarmed of the situation and are planning to take action, following the guidance of WHO and the New Zealand Ministry of Health:

  • We will be having sales team staff to monitor the tester products at all stores; When you need to test a product, our staff will be happy to assist with a sanitised applicator.
  • We will be retraining all staff members about the hygiene standards that we have in HIKOCO, increasing the amount of sanitising displayed products, benches, surfaces & staff hands.
  • We will have hand sanitisers made available at all stores, for our customers to access.
  • We will have our staff to avoid making direct contact to customers while assisting, for both you and their safety.
  • We will be increasing daily cleaning & weekly deep cleanings in all stores.
  • We will ensure that staff who went overseas have their self-quarantine time of 14 days & stay home if feeling unwell.

Online shopping & shipments will be up & running at all times, so please feel free to use the online services if you feel uncomfortable making trips outdoors to our stores.

As always, HIKOCO will be paying close attention to the voices of our Beauties and our staff. We will ensure everyone is safe & supported in this challenging time. Our priority is to keep in mind the well-being of the community. Thus we’ll be 100% committed to all opinions and suggestions to make you feel safe with HIKOCO.

Stay beautiful, and stay warm for the chilly days to come.


Truly yours,