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16 Eye Magazine [#04 Hey My Day]


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Mix & Match 2 colours in one step!

Quick 3-second tuning makeup regardless of makeup skills.

Daily two-tone colours of Glam Pink & Pink Brown that add depth to your eyes and amazingly cover even puffy eyes!

How to use

Evenly weep 2 colours onto the built-in brush.

Gently and evenly apply from the inner corners of your eyelids outwards to create a natural gradient.


Customer Reviews

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Very sparkly

Pretty colour and be warned is very sparkly on the lighter shade so if you are not into lots of sparkles prob wont be for you. The eye shadow doesn't last the whole day however the colour blends very well and looked nice. The brush tho, is not as easy to use when it comes to the corner of your eyes, I end up just using my own brush.

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