Aqua Tone Up Cream


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Brightens and nourishes

  • A dual functional cosmetic.
  • In depth hydration with a light finish; perfect adherence!
  • Aqua texture for a smooth, dewy application
  • A natural tone up for men and women and all skin types

How to use

Apply at the final stage of your skincare routine.


Cactus Stem Extract, Maltodextrin,Glutathione, Vitamin Tree Fruit Extract,Buddleja Extract, Thymus Quinquecostatus Flower / Leaf Extract

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Heimish Aqua Tone Up Cream

So love this cream! Gives you a natural glowing finish. Can even not wear make up and just go out with this. ❤️


Great product. Brightens my skin naturally

Lovely Brightening Effect

I'm in love with how it brightens my skin. The brightening is quite similar to using sunscreen, but without the SPF in it and it's not sticky and oily. I like to do it on my under eyes and higher points of my face and quickly spread it as it does set quite fast. I'd be quite careful with how much you squeeze out and layer because a little does go a long way and its quite a small tube also. Do use it before foundation and use as a base, and be aware it does make your skin look lighter, so be prepared to have a lighter foundation (face wise)! Wish there was a larger amount of this but not for the face, but the body as well, cause I am in love with the formula.

Easy and effective

I was skeptical when I tested it on my hands but I went for it anyway since it was on a sale and lucky I did grab one. I've been focusing on skincare so that I can apply less make up on my skin. Now I barely have acne scars but still get dull looking skin throughout the day and this helps brighten my skin tone throughout the day and doesnt wash out my face and look ghostly. It doesnt have any sun protection which is disappointing but not necessarily a deal breaker.

Innovative moisturizer

Sales assistant highly recommended this product from store for my day time moisturizing tone balancing cream. I am using everyday morning instead of bb cream. It is so hydrating but gives nice tone

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