Ink Gelato Pink Moment [#09 Peach Pink]


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Thrilling Pink-Moment.

Peripera's keepworthy edition in tasteful colours and packaging.

Milky and soft texture! Gradient lips with intense colour!

  • Effortlessly melts into lips with an airy finish.
  • Intense colour that won't transfer ink-like lasting power!

A gelato-inspired elastic texture with intense colour that adheres to lips!
A new elastic texture with creamy application that tinges lips with rich colour. A natural result! WEIGHTLESS + SOFT gradient colour! Combining the best features of water-based lip stains and lip lacquers

Perfectly seamless! Soft gradient lips! Transfer-free ink-like lasting power
The 'Parallel Configuration system' incorporates a water-silicon combination to fill in your lips' ridges with colour and complete an evenly applied gradient look.

How to use

Apply directly to lips. Start in the centre of lips and smooth outwards toward corners of mouth.

For gradation effect, tone-down with concealer or foundation. Gently dab the centre of lips and blend well with a fingertip.


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