Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Ampoule Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ [#04 Ginger]


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Perfect coverage enriched with ampoule!

Your flawless skin elegantly shines with ampoule-enriched luster.
Inspired by the refraction and reflection of lustrous pearls, Glow Similar System delivers pearl-like radiance to your skin with perfect coverage that evens your skin tone and conceals imperfection.

High-density moisture reaches deep into your skin.
High-density moisture reaches deep into your skin thanks to highly-moisturising G2 ampoule, nourishing birch sugar, and natural ceramides that help improve the skin barrier. Instead of purified water, coconut water is infused to leave your skin feeling more hydrated.

Perfect coverage with excellent staying power and moisturisation.
Buildable and light sliding powders leave the skin feeling fresh and moisturised. A network system incorporating highly resilient and adhesive polymers enables Kill Cover to finely adhere to your skin and simultaneously deliver excellent staying power.

How to use

It is a cushion-type foundation that provides luxurious nutrition. At the step for applying sun cream, evenly apply to the skin using the puff, and gently pat to enhance absorption into the skin. Reapply throughout the day as needed.

15g x 2

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

First time using a cushion foundation and have got to say the finish that this products leaves is amazing! Would highly reccord!

Covers it all

Great cushion foundation and good value as it comes with an extra cushion. Awesome coverage that lasts throughout the day and gives a beautiful glow to the skin ❤️


Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Ampoule Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ [#04 BO Ginger]


Great coverage

Lacks a bit of coverage/Doesn't completely match my uneven skin tone completely

I have a few acne scarred spots on my face which isn't really fully covered by it unfortunately. I would probably need to use skin care products consistently to get rid of my scarring first (it isn't that bad now since I started a good skin care routine) for it to look like it fully covers my blemishes. Also I feel like it kinda doesn't match completely as it comes out a little grey on my skin colour. Maybe it's because my face has an uneven and slightly tanner complexion compared to my neck and body. After a while though it does seem to look more natural on my face. I'll probably need to use a damp blender or something similar to even it out on my skin more. It's also important to set it with mineral powder or something so it doesn't rub off. Other than that it gives a really nice glow and shiny finish although I'm still unsure if it matches my uneven skin tone perfectly.

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