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Ultra Cool Leaf 2-Step Mask Set [10 Masks]

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How it works

The Ultra Cool leaf mask is a 2-step treatment mask that consists of 4 leaf shaped masks with the purpose of instant cooling and calming skin irritation; and 1 sheet mask to elevate the calming result and provide a more thorough hydrating and soothing care to skin.

How to use

After cleansing, put Leaf Patch on the parts where the intensive care is needed or irritated skin due to exposure to sunlight and tightly attach the Ultra Cool Leaf Mask on the Leaf Patch.

Remove it after 10~20 minutes and pat the remaining essences for absorption.

A1: 6ml / A2: 25ml x 10 Masks

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Literally very cool

Great for redness and enlarged pores, plus it gave my skin that widely coveted dewy glow after using it. Plus, the small leaf masks are fun!

Ultra Cool Leaf Mask

Super refreshing and great to calm down a red, dry face after a day at the beach!

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