2019 New Year New Skin

by Hara Kang

 Hi Beauties 💕

2018 is far gone and we are already in 2019. It has already been 3 years since Hikoco is arrived in New Zealand. It has been a blast year for Hikoco, and we hope 2018 was on your favour as well 🥰

Every year comes the new resolutions and I would like to share my personal resolution for healthy, dewy looking skin. Here are the key points for a happy skin and a happy you!


Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking enough water is a mission to me in 2018. I tried to set a time for drinking each cups of water or sometimes I just have a bottle of water -bottoms up!- before my bed time. Drinking enough water daily is important for your overall good health as well.

For a radiant, healthy younger looking complexion, let’s all aim to drink 1.5 - 2L of mineral water each day (Although we know that this ain't easy as it sounds 😂). If you feel like drinking plain water is a struggle, why don't you try sparkling water or adding some wedges of lemon?! 🍋


Good Sleep

Did you know you could change your skin condition by simply re-arranging your sleeping routine? There are surprisingly many people who have bad sleeping habits that ruins their skin condition (including myself 🙋🏻‍♀️).

The skin rejuvenates most actively between 10pm - 2am, which also means you only have 4 hours per your sleep time for skin rejuvenation..⏰ If you sleep after 2am, it means you've just missed the 'GOLDEN HOUR' for your skin.

It would be perfect to go to bed at 10pm but it is hard to do this in real life. So I promised myself to go to bed before 12am the latest. It will be hard to change your normal sleeping hours but if you try enough for several days, you will definitely see the difference on your skin - easily just by going to bed at the right time.


Sunscreen ALL the Time

Our regular beauties may know how our team always emphasise in store, that we should all be using sunscreen at all times (even in winter!).

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the major cause of sunburn, premature ageing and skin damage leading to skin cancer. Unfortunately UV cannot be seen or felt, which means it's damaging your skin cells slowly and quietly 🤫.  The simplest and the easiest way to avoid such problems is, surprise surprise, to use SUNSCREEN.

No matter what time, just apply it before you go out. Even if you are staying indoors for the most of the day, please, please, please apply sunscreen or even a base makeup with SPF in it.


These are the most simplest way to keep a dewy-looking skin. Just keep them in your mind: 1.Drink enough water / 2. Have enough sleep / 3. Applying Sunscreen

How hard can it be? 

+ you won’t get anymore dark circles in 2019 🐼


We're all in this together everyone, let's stick to the basics before anything else!


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