HI-REVIEW: Cushion Foundation vs Cushion Foundation

by Hara Kang
Hikoco cushion foundation

Have you heard about Cushion Foundation ?

When we talk about Korean cosmetics, It is all about trends. If BB Creams and CC creams were the big hits before, now it is time for Cushion Foundation. I have been seeing this product a lot lately and apparently, it is the hottest item in Asia right now.

What is Cushion Foundation?

Hikoco hera uv mist cushion foundation

It is the biggest innovation in base makeup era. Unlike your regular liquid foundation that comes in a pump or a bottle, the liquid foundation is soaked within a sponge inside of compact type case with special sponge applicator. Most of cushion foundations offer the “all-in-one”function; SPF, moisturizer, foundation, serum etc which is perfect for people who are on-the-go.

What is so special about Cushion Foundation and why it is my favourite?

I have so many things to share with you about Cushion Foundation.
The most different and special thing about it is the APPLICATOR!! It is not just a puff. With special formula, anti-microbial puff (works like a beauty blender) makes it easier to prevent giving you a cakey look.

The cushion foundation compact was invented by Amore Pacific who still holds many patents on this unbelievable beauty technology. The main difference from brands owned by Amore Pacific (Hera, IOPE, Laneige, Innisfree, Etude House, Amore Pacific etc) to other cushion foundations is the puff.

Hikoco Amore Pacific cushion pact puff

The cushion compact applicator solves major problems that women are faced with in applying foundation & sunscreen. Amore Pacific noticed that many women want several issues solved:

1) Not being able to reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours without messing up their makeup

2) The lack of a super effective sunscreen that doesn’t feel heavy in texture

3) The lack of a product on the market that allows everyday users to apply foundations easily in a lightweight, non-cakey, heavy way. In short, every woman want that perfect natural-looking complexion filled with radiance – while having sun protection all day long.

Yes, this was a huge issue and we are so excited that Amore Pacific solved this beauty trilemma!

Without going too much into the technology, Amore Pacific did 3 amazing things to create the dream product for women:

1) Featherlight coverage: It gives feather light coverage by using special applicator that is Inspired by the “parking stamp” that can stamp out parking fees all day long without drying up, Amore Pacific created a special sponge that holds 1.6X more water than a regular puff, which allows for layer-able application of the cushion compact. Simply put, you can “stamp” on your cushion compact which is drenched with SPF among other skin-benefitting ingredients, all day long and you won’t get a cakey finish. This type of re-layering technology is groundbreaking as far as the makeup goes. No other foundation looks so featherlight no matter how many layers go on.

2) Insanely lightweight SPF: Typical sunscreens are “water-in-oil” which can feel really heavy and thick or “oil-in-water” which feels relatively lighter but less protective. Amore comes to the rescue again and creates a “freshwater-in-oil” formulation that provides great sun protection while feeling incredibly lightweight and not sticky.

3) Ultra-fine dispersion: The cushion compact also includes this cutting-edge, patented “cell trap technology” (which also won the Excellence Prize at Korea’s Technology Awards) that allows the goop inside to be released in a super fine layer so that even the most untalented makeup-applier will be able to dab on the perfect amount at a time for that perfect amount of coverage and dewiness. Thanks to Amore, now everyone can be professional when it comes to applying foundation - easily the most transformative part of any woman’s makeup regimen.

HIKOCO’s best cushion foundation

Hikoco Hera UV mist cushion foundation

Among the various cushion compacts out there - they’re all really great! Our pick for cushion foundation is HERA UV MIST CUSHION FOUNDATION

Personally, I have been using HERA mist cushion for over 3 years. This is the first and last item that I have used for a long time. Our team in Korea spotted this product once it was released. I was curious about this cool item at first. Especially the puff gives me the new experience using pact.

It gives a long lasting moisturizing effect with a good coverage. Without drying out or caking, it stays on my skin for all day long. It also creates glow skintone with no darkening in the afternoon. I have a complex skin concern. T-zone is always oily in the afternoon but after using this pact it captures oil. Especially for the summer time, base makeup is melted down with sweating. It can be easy reapplied and still look feather light and stay fresh-faced until the bedtime. Moreover its cooling effect cools down the red face. No wonder they swept so many beauty awards in Korea.

Other benefits of the Hera UV Mist?

For $68NZD, you get the compact and a refill (this should last you 4-6 months). The formulation will also include skin brightening (more radiance from inside out) ingredients, hydrates with mineral clay water, helps control sebum, and cools and soothes skin. Of course, it also has SPF 50+/PA+++.

Beyond that, many women in Korea base their cushion compact selection on its price. Laneige and Iope are more affordable options with a little difference to the Hera product. 

Hikoco check list

Choose the right Cushion foundation for your skin

Now, onto the more personalized questions that we’ve been getting. The main one is “is the cushion compact right for me?” The best way to answer this question is to go through this checklist:

Does the shade work for you?

Since Amore Pacific created the cushion compact mostly at first for the domestic market in Asia, there are mainly 2 shades only. Having said that, the 2 tones match a very wide range of skin tones and colours. Because it’s not a concealer and is meant to provide coverage through a glistening radiant sheen, somehow the shades are much more expansive than the typical foundation. The shade comes in 21 and 23 - and then in C (for more coverage) and N (for lighter coverage). . For those with very intense coverage needs, C is the way to go. For those who have uneven skin tone and with light blemishes, N is a much better fit. Rule of thumb: for those with paler or a more pink skin tone, pick 21. For those with a slight tan or a slight olive undertone, pick 23.

Tip* Most Asian customers prefer no 21 as it creates a glowy bright skin tone.

Do you have super sensitive skin?

The cushion compacts do work for sensitive skin types and usually don’t cause issues. Having said that, if you are allergic to silicones or chemical sunscreens, cushion compacts may not be a good fit for you.

Do you like your makeup matte or dewy?

Even though we think the radiantly dewy finish looks gorgeous, a matte, more powdery look is sometimes preferred by women. If you like that matte, more powdered up look, the cushion compact isn’t for you.


: Suitable for any skin complexion even for sensitive and dry skin.

SULHWASOO Perfecting Brightening Cushion

: Suitable for any skin complexion but especially for dull skin tone and wrinkled aging skin. Oriental herbal ingredients help your skin to have a healthier glow.


: Suitable for normal combination skin complexion as well as oily skin. Natural dewy finish with good coverage

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