HI-REVIEW: BellaMonster Sensitive Care Solution Toner 🌊

by Natalie Ong

Hi Beauties! 🌸

HIKOCO recently brought in the new hip skin care from Bellamonster, and their toner pads are one of the bestsellers! Other than the highly raved toner pads, they have the solution toner for sensitive skin. I’ve been trying this special toner for the past 3 weeks and this is how I feel about it!

Price: $26

Quantity: 200ml

Product Description: “A toner infused with mineral-rich seaweed extracts to effectively soothe skin irritation while revitalizing the skin.”

How to Use: After cleansing, apply a decent amount of product using your hands or a cotton wipe.

The Sensitive Care Solution Toner is catered for people who have sensitive and dry skin! It is made up of multiple natural ingredients, the highlight being the seaweed extracts, which are high in minerals and nutrients. One of the key ingredients is Hizikia Fusiforme Extracts (also called Hijiki), they are the seaweed grown on rocks and are packed with minerals and vitamins ✨ . It helps with soothing the sensitive skin and protecting the skin barrier!

Another great ingredient is the Undaria Pinnatifida Sporophyll Extract, it is basically the flowy part of seaweed and are also full of minerals and vitamins. The sticky texture of the toner comes from Fucoidan, it is highly moisturizing and comes from the mekabu extract! Other than the seaweed extracts, Beta-glucan is another amazing ingredient for sensitive skin. They are derived from yeast and is high in antioxidants, which is great for soothing and calming redness 🍃

The Sensitive Care Toner has a very interesting consistency. It feels very watery and runny, but it’s not gel-like. Instead, it feels almost slimy and tacky, similar to aloe vera with a mixture of snail mucin 🐌 ? There is no scent at all, which could be great for people who dislike artificial scents or has sensitive skin. Despite it being a watery toner, my skin was hydrated and moisturized. It has a lightweight finish, easily absorbed and leaves no heavy feeling or sticky residue at all!

Personal Thoughts

3 weeks into the Sensitive Care Toner, my skin is feeling really smooth and healthy! I was very excited to try this for my ultra sensitive skin, and it was definitely what I wasn’t expecting. The consistency was something I haven’t tried before with a toner. It felt oddly sticky and slimy, but glides on to the skin nicely. It leaves the skin smooth, moisturised and very fresh! This toner really helped keep my redness under control, my pores has improved and my skin texture had never been better 👌 . I highly recommend to apply the toner with your hands, it feels much more absorbent and hydrating.

From what I’ve experienced, I highly recommend this toner to beauties with sensitive skin! Especially if you can never find the perfect toner to fit your stubborn sensitive-ness. Other than that, I think it will work amazing for oily skin! It is great for those who are looking for something lightweight yet hydrating. However if you have dry skin, I don’t think the toner is moisturizing enough on its own and definitely need to follow up with another essence or moisturizer. That being said, I believe beauties with any skin type can try this seaweed infused toner out!

Thanks for reading my rambles 💖

Stay gorgeous 🌸 till next time~

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