HI-REVIEW: BellaMonster Stress Out Solution Cream 🥕

by Amy Xuan

Hi Beauties 💗

I am doing a review today on the ​BellaMonster Stress Out Solution Cream​. I have been a HUGE fan of the stress out solution line from BellaMonster for a long time, their toner pads and serum are my GO TO whenever my skin has problems. So I was very excited to try out this cream and see if it’s just as good!!

Price​: $25

Quantity​: 40ml

How to use​: Take an appropriate amount and apply onto skin and pat it lightly onto face and neck until fully absorbed.

Description:The key ingredients found in this cream are ​Centella Asiatica​ 🌿 ​and ​Carrot Seed Oil 🥕

As some of you beauties may know already, Centella Asiatica has been so popular and widely used in k-beauty skincare products for the recent years. I mean, there must be a good reason behind its huge popularity right?

Centella Asiatica is best-known for its ​soothing calming and repairing properties​. It is one of the best ingredients for ​sensitive skin​ as it ​reduces skin irritation and redness​! It is also good for hydration, helping to keep skin healthy and balanced!

The second star ingredient is Carrot Seed Oil. I think this is definitely an underrated skincare ingredient because I absolutely love how it worked on my skin.

Carrot seed oil is known for its ​antifungal properties​ which makes it good for people suffering from acne or skin problems. Just like Centella Asiatica, carrot seed oil is also good for ​soothing and has anti-inflammatory benefit​s. Overall, it really helps to ​strengthen the skin barrier and deeply hydrate the skin​ ​without being sticky or too oily​. Carrot seed oil gives the product a citrusy scent which was quite nice, and the fragrance did not cause any problems at all.

This cream also contains other good stuff such as ​shea butter, ceramide and fig fruit extract​. With all of these ingredients working together, you really get ​enhanced soothing and rejuvenating effects from this cream​. And the phospholipid-like structure of the cream also helps to form a barrier on top of skin to lock in all the moisture, keeping your skin healthy and well nourished.

Personal opinions

In terms of packaging, I really enjoy its eco-friendly packaging. The creams comes in a very simple and light tube, making it ​very hygienic and perfect for travelling​ ✔

In terms of texture, it is a very ​rich cream​ so you will have to work it into your skin. But don’t worry, it ​absorbs into the skin very easily​. Because of its thick texture, you really don’t need a lot of the product and ​a little goes a long way​. I figured the best way to apply this cream is to melt the product using the temperature of your palms first, and then pat it into the skin. This way it absorbs better and faster.

And most importantly, the effectiveness of the product.​ After trying out his cream for one month, I can say that it definitely ​helped with the irritations​ I had from popping my pimples and ​sped up the healing process of my skin​. I love how it softens my skin and keeps it hydrated throughout the day. And unlike other rich creams that I tried before, this product did not leave an oily feeling at all which means it ​can be used during the day too​!

Overall, I would highly recommend it for beauties with ​normal to dry skin​, and those with sensitive or troubled skin​. If you are looking for a very moisturising cream which does not make your face look greasy at all, definitely give this product a try! Now I feel like all the products from the stress out solution line, including the toner pads, serum and the cream are gonna become the main part of my skincare routine during those stressful exam days! And here is a little family photo to show you how much love I have for this line!

Thank you for reading till the end. See you guys in the next review and let’s be pretty 💓

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