HI-REVIEW: CNP Aqua Bomb Mask 💣💦

by Yery Choi

During the change of seasons, the unpredictable drastic weather strips the moisture from our skin leaving it flaky and dehydrated. My skin had been feeling drier and patchier recently and I knew I needed to whip out some bad boys, sheet masks. The Aqua Bomb mask from CNP contains two steps to hydrate and bring back that glow we all need!

Price: $21

Quantity: 5 masks

How to use:

  • After cleansing and toning, apply the 1step ampule all over the face
  • Place the mask on your face
  • Remove after 15~20 minutes
  • Pat the remaining essence into your skin for better absorption

TIP Use 1~2 times a week

TIP Store in the fridge before use

The ampoule was a very thick gel formula and very hydrating. Not only containing Portulaca extract and Madecassoside for skin soothing, the ampoules hydrating components were from the sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid and oxygenated water. These ingredients helped the ampoule to be moisturising but not heavy or greasy and the oxygenated water helped the moisture to be absorbed deep into the skin and keeps the skin dewy and moist   

The sheet mask was quite cooling even though I didn’t store it in the fridge (although is recommended). When I took it out of the packet, the essence was dripping. Both the ampoule and essence in the sheet mask had a lot of content. I also applied the left over essence from the packet onto my neck and other dry areas. 

The first thing I loved about this sheet mask was it fit perfectly on my face. Is it just me who hates getting sheet masks on my hairline? Also, the sheet mask itself was so soft and I absolutely loved the material. After leaving it on for about 15minutes, my face felt cool and moisturised. The cooling effect from the sheet mask helped calm my redness as well.

Personal thoughts

I really enjoyed trying out this newly brought in face mask from CNP. Although having quite oily skin, my skin had been quite dehydrated and patchy due to the change of seasons. However, this mask really did help hydrate my skin. I did feel like it was quickly absorbed after removal however, I personally liked that it didn’t make my face feel greasy or oily from the mask.

I would recommend this mask to any beauties (especially beauties with dehydrated and dry skin) who don’t like sheet masks that are rich, oily and thick. The fast absorption leaves the skin light and weightless. This sheet mask is also recommended to those with sensitive skin types due to  the non-irritant ingredients and soft sheet mask! Likewise the name, Aqua Bomb, this sheet mask is the BOMB! 💣💦

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