HI-REVIEW: Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Sleepair Ampoule-in Mask 🍃

by Amy Xuan

Hi Beauties 💗 

Being someone who’s got extra sensitive skin as well as occasional breakouts, calming, soothing and repairing are the key properties I look for when choosing my skincare products. I also really like the idea of sleeping masks. As the peak of skin renewal and repair occurs at night, sleeping masks are the perfect way to supply your skin with the benefits and nutrition it needs during this time.

Combining the two points together, I would like to introduce you to the best soothing and hydrating sleeping mask I have ever tried - the Dr. Jart Cicapair Sleepair Ampoule-in Mask.

Price: $56

Quantity: 110ml

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount as the last step of the bedtime skincare routine and rinse off the next morning.

Description: I believe that many of you beauties might have heard of the brand Dr. Jart, and the Cicapair range is one of its most popular lines. As the name and the packaging of the product suggest, this sleeping mask is super green, soothing and helps with skin repairing 🍃

The key ingredients found in this sleeping mask include:

  • Centella Asiatica complex 15%, containing the 4 compounds of this herb: madecassoside, asiaticoside, asiatic acid and madecassic acid together with other healing herbs, making it super effective for soothing, repairing and helps to restore the condition of sensitive skin.
  • CicabondTM 1,000ppm works to produce tight links to crumbled skin and improve skin texture.
  • The addition of JartbiomeTM 1,000ppm is the innovation with this sleeping mask. Jartbiome is a ferment which helps to restore the skin’s microbiome and enhance skin viability.

These three major ingredients work together to provide ultimate soothe and repair of the skin during night time.

Personal opinion

Packaging: The product comes in a plastic tub that is quite heavy and big, so you definitely get a generous amount of product for the price ✅ It also comes with double sealing, but no spatulas included.

Fragrance: Unlike the other products from the Dr. Jart Cicapair line, this Cicapair Sleepair Amouple-in Mask does not have the signature refreshing scent. This is due to the fact that this product is formulated with no fragrance at all, making it extra safe and gentle on the skin 👍

Texture: I absolutely love the rich water-gel texture of this mask 💦 It is very lightweight but at the same time gently adheres to your skin. You really don’t need to apply a lot because of the gel texture. And I have really enjoyed layering the product on the more dry areas of my face for extra hydration.

The addition of silicones allow the mask to leave an occlusive feeling on the skin for a long period of time which is what we want in a sleeping mask.

But on the flip side, this sleeping mask has a bit of a sticky finish just like most sleeping masks. My suggestion would be to apply the product half an hour to one hour prior to bedtime, therefore it gives your skin some time to absorb the product and you won’t get it all over your pillow.

After trying out this product for one month, I can confidently say that it has definitely done a great job on soothing irritated skin and sped up the healing process of my skin. When I wash it off in the morning, my face feels incredibly smooth and soft, just like a baby’s butt. I can say that it has also helped with improving my skin texture. I have also bought the Cicapair Calming Gel Cream from the same line and used it as my day cream. I think these two products are the perfect combo for repairing and fixing skin problems, as well as helping to maintain a stable skin condition.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Cicapair Sleepair Amouple-in Mask to beauties with all types of skin, especially for those of you who have sensitive or troubled skin.

Lastly, let me share with you a few tips on using this product 💡

  1. Layer the product, especially on areas with irritations or dryness to maximise its effect
  2. After applying the product, let it sink into your skin for half an hour before going to bed
  3. Use the product 2-3 times a week. Use it after exfoliation or when you are experiencing skin problems.

Thank you for reading till the end! See you guys in the next review and let’s be pretty 💓

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