HI-REVIEW: Dr Jart+ Every Sun Day Sunblock SPF50+ PA+++

by Charlotte Wright

I’m not ashamed to admit, up until a few years ago I did not know you should wear sunscreen every day. Even on over-cast days! Not being born in NZ I spent the first part of my life with a much higher functioning ozone layer and therefore unaware of the need to protect your skin from the sun constantly, especially your face.

“But my foundation has SPF in it! Why do I need to use anything else?”

The reason is that all SPF is not created equal! The SPF inside your other products will not provide you the same level of protection as a specialized sunscreen that you need for our harsh NZ sun.

If you’re like me and only just clueing into the ways of sun protection or been trying for a while to find the right sunscreen for your skin, then fear not! I think I may have the answer 😊

Dr Jart+ Every Sun Day Sunblock SPF50+ PA+++

Price: $42

Quantity: 50ml

Dr Jart+ Every Sun Day Sunblock is an SPF50+ sunscreen which will protect your face and neck from harmful UVA and UVB rays, it also contains Zinc Oxide and Aloe Vera leaf extract which make it easy on the skin.

My experience

This product happily slipped right into my daily routine, without any breakouts or transition period (which is a small miracle!). In the past I’ve found sunscreens around SPF50+ to have a white cast, clog my pores or make me look very shiny. I love that I can apply this after moisturizer, before make-up and it blends in beautifully, creating a great base for make-up.

I have combination skin and can get an oily t-zone throughout the day. This sunscreen gave me a nice semi matte finish after application, if you like a full matte look like me, without foundation, I would recommend tapping on a light banana powder to finish.

I appreciate the packaging of this product! It’s a good size and I believe value for money, it’s a great shape for travelling and has a solid lid with a satisfying snap close. I took this product to the beach for reapplication and there were no leaks, or any pesky sand trapped in there when I got home! 

It does have a very slight smell which is similar to other Sunscreen and Aloe Vera products, it’s definitely not over-powering and doesn’t hang around. I believe this product is suitable for anyone who is sensitive to fragrances.

Final thoughts

I would recommend this product to people with combination to oily skin, due to the matte finish it leaves. I believe it may be drying to people with already dry skin concerns.

As I learned, it’s never too late to start using the correct level of sun protection for our environment and taking better care of our skin. I think Dr Jart+ Every Sun Day Sunscreen is a great place to start 😊

Happy and safe summer everyone! x

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