HI-REVIEW: Pyunkang Yul ATO Wash & Shampoo Blue Label

by Hazel Sarcilla

Hi Beauties! 

How are you all doing? I can’t wait to talk to you about the ATO Wash & Shampoo Blue Label from Pyunkang Yul. This brand is popular for its minimalistic approach towards skincare by eliminating unnecessary chemical ingredients and only use ingredients that are necessary for a healthy skin. I’ve seen this brand for years now, but this is actually the first time I’ve tried something from them and I’m amazed. :D

Price: $26NZD

Quantity:290 ml

Product Description: “Mild, soft, & low ph body wash cleanses the entire body thoroughly while maintaining moisture.”

How to Use:

Take an adequate amount. Lather, gently cleanse and wash the body/hair/face with water.  

Key Features

Low pH Moisturizing Cleanser

  • The cleansing step before moisturizing the skin is important in addressing itchiness resulting from dryness. A high pH body cleanser could irritate, damage the skin barrier, and dehydrate the skin. However, a low pH cleansing with a pH level that’s similar to the skin protects the skin’s moisture barriers while keeping it moisturized.
Natural Surfactants allow for gentle cleansing
  • Petroleum-based chemical surfactants my irritate the skin. However, this product contains natural and mild surfactants that gently cleanses the skin while maintaining the moisture of the skin.
Gently soothes irritated skin
  • It contains Lonicera Japonica flower extra to soothe inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier.


Personal Experience

The product is placed on a nice pump container, and it has a jelly or gummy-like texture which I thought would not lather as much as they claimed, but I was wrong. Its also smaller compared to other bath products I used which I wished could have been bigger when I found out how amazing and convenient this product is since I’ve used it for the past few weeks. 

At first, I got really confused as to how I use this because its “wash and shampoo” and from what I know is that using body wash on hair can be drying and irritating. I used this as a body wash first for a week to see how my skin would react and if its mild enough to apply to my hair. I was pleasantly surprised. I only used 2-3 pumps of it onto my bath puff, and that was enough to cover my whole body. It lathers quite well and its unscented too. It also washes off quickly and does not leave any film. My skin felt soft and clean and its not the squeaky or drying feeling at all. 

As a shampoo, it was okay. It did not foam as much as to when I used it as a body wash, however that does not mean that its bad. I did not experience any irritation nor itchiness which is enough to say that people with sensitive scalp would love this. In my case, I’m just not used to shampoos that don’t lather as much since my scalp gets oily too quick. Note: I have a medium-length hair.

Lastly, this can be used as cleanser too! Amazing, right? Who would have thought that this is a multi-purpose product to that extent? XD It did not sting my eyes and it’s not drying nor irritating on my skin at all. I’ve also seen that people use this for babies too since it’s really mild and gentle.  

Overall, I would recommend this to everyone especially those with irritated and sensitive skin and/or scalp. This also an amazing go-to product if you want to travel with less baggage since it’s an all-in-one bath necessity. This product gently cleanses your hair, body, and face while maintaining the skin’s moisture. Additionally, its unscented and only contains natural and mild surfactants, making it safe for everyone to use. 

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