HI-REVIEW: Tonymoly Tako Pore Bubble Pore Mask

by Mikky Elakima

Hello Beauties!!

Today I am introducing the Tako Pore Bubble Mask by TonyMoly. Before we dive into Tako, I thought why not learn more about TonyMoly and why choose TonyMoly to be apart of your K-Beauty routine.

TONYMOLY is committed to providing its customers a total ‘Skin Revolution' with high-quality ingredients, ethical skin care principles, combined with innovative technology that are uniquely and stylishly packaged -- this is what makes TONYMOLY a cut above the rest.”


Quantity: 65g

HIKOCO Price: $18 NZD


Besides from making super cute products just like Tako, TONYMOLY is all about bringing stylish products to the K-Beauty playground, their intent is to bring radiant, beautiful skin to people of any age. So don’t worry these beautiful, cute products do the job! TONYMOLY also try their best to keep nasty ingredients out of their products and to be more simple and natural for all skin types, which I love personally because its always good to have a light/ natural product because it will help give your skin moisture, better skin texture as well as a radiant glow and to bring back the youth to your skin for any age which is amazing! :3

Today I’ll be showing you Beauties that Tako will totally give you the fresh look by testing it on myself. As well as the ingredients and what this cute squid is all about!


First Impressions!

Cute!! Tako caught my attention at Hikoco with its very cute appearance and adorable pirate theme box.

The packaging is very simple, plus the colour red makes the product stand out.

Tako is very simple to use and there is quite a lot of product inside him which I was happy about, since he’s the shape of a squid I thought maybe not a lot but i was very pleased that TONYMOLY made sure Tako was filled to the max!

The texture is very light and not heavy which is what I love most about it. It’s very smooth and sticky, doesn’t have any strong smells which is good because it will be on my face for 15 minutes and I wont be having to bear with a product thats too strong and irritate my eyes.


Dead Sea Salt (Reduces redness), Taurine (Skin balancing), Black Pearl Water (Reduce pigmentation), Rotorua Mud (Cleanses and exfoliates the skin), Charcoal Extract (Cleanses dirt and bacteria to give radiant looking skin)


What Are The Benefits Of These Ingredients ?

For starters they all have one thing in common, healing skin conditions which means Redness, Scaring, Unbalanced skin tones and Skin Texture.

Tako has a lot of beneficial main ingredients, this is perfect for combination, oil, dry and maybe sensitive but don’t worry I myself have sensitive skin so hopefully the result will be amazing for my skin. Do not worry this is also perfect for all ages so don’t be shy beauties :3


Tako Skin Test

I have been reading reviews online as well as making sure I’m doing the bubble pore clay mask right.

You can use it just for the nose or for the entire face depending on yours pores where your pores are more noticeable on the nose, cheek and forehead.

For my skin, I do get a lot of pores/black heads in my T-zone and cheeks, so I’ll be covering my entire face with Tako and seeing if the product delivers! :3

Just another tip as well for you beauties, make sure your Tako Bubble Pore Mask, looks like this image below on the right hand incase if any beauty out there didn't know what texture it should be before washing it off :3

Now is the time  to show you beauties my experience with the TONYMOLY Tako Bubble Pore Mask!   


Applying Tako

As you can see my partner has really bad black-heads which makes him my perfect tester for the Tako Pore Clay Mask, hehe :3 !!!

I have applied the Tako Pore Clay Mask to my partners effected area of the nose and already you can see that Tako has already soaked up the blackheads which is already a good start.

Tako’s application was very smooth and soft towards the skin, wasn’t rough at all,  making it a gentle feel towards the pore mask.


-- 15 Minutes Later --

After 15 minutes, my Partner’s nose definitely looks so much better! of course there are still some pores left but they look less irritated and so much cleaner.

I was shocked how Tako did reduce the redness in his nose so the dead sea water definitely did the job but over all, Tako is totally approved for removing blackheads 

Overall the Tako Pore Clay Mask did what it was suppose to do and for the price, its totally worth it !!!

I hope this helped you Beauties with understanding about the amazing Tako Pore Clay Mask and how this cutie works its wonders. So please go and adopt your black squid today at Hikoco and give Tako some love !!! ❤️


Bye Beauties! ❤️❤️

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