HI-REVIEW: Ultru I’m Sorry for My Skin Tightening Black Mud Mask

by Zoey Lim

Hey Beauties! 👑

Big pores have always been my no.1 skin concern, and so I’ve decided to try the Tightening Black Mud Mask from Ultru’s popular I’m Sorry For My Skin sheet mask range 🌋

Price: $36 

Quantity: 10 masks

Product description:

“No need to apply mud to your face with mud sheet mask.” 

How to use: 

  • After cleansing and toning, open the pouch and remove one side of the film first. 
  • Place the mask evenly on your face the side where you removed the film should be the one in contact with your skin.
  • Remove the other side of the film and leave the mask on for 30-40 minutes until the mask hardens completely.
  • Remove sheet mask from bottom to top and rinse off with lukewarm water. 

Note: You may feel a tightening sensation while the mask dries. This sensation is normal and expected.


I have used this sheet mask 4 times (once a week for 4 weeks) at nighttime as a little self care treat for my enlarged/clogged pores I’m a huge fan of the other I’m Sorry For My Skin masks, so when I heard that HIKOCO was bringing in the tightening one, I was thrilled! 

Using a convenient filament sheet, it gives the mud adhesion as well as making it comfortable and easy to use. Natural clay, volcanic ash, and bentonite ensure adsorption of micro-harmful substances, removal of exfoliated skin, and excess sebum control. I’ll be going through the “how to” steps in more detail, so do keep reading!! 🙇🏻‍♀️


The suggestions on the back of this mask are:

  • apply cream onto sensitive areas of the face like eyebrows, eyes, and lips, prior to masking
  • leave mask on for a longer time to maximize on the exfoliating and pore-caring effects

I used the Pyunkang Yul essence toner on my whole face and packed on a layer of Wishtrend’s Vitamin 75 Maximising Cream onto my eyebrows, eye area, and around the mouth as instructed. This is an important step as it’ll help keep those areas moisturised while the mask tightens

Before masking - my skin has quite a bit of texture and is looking a little red 😖

Out of the packet, the mask gives off a mild and clean medicinal scent. This is a 2-piece mask, top and bottom. The sheets come tightly packed in a clear plastic covering. There wasn’t any essence flowing around in the packet, which is really great because I’ve never experienced mess-free mud masking! 

Upon opening the clear plastic covering, the sheets come sandwiched between a hard plastic backing and a thin plastic backing. Remove the thin plastic backing first, place it on your face, then remove the hard plastic backing. This is because only one side of the sheet is coated with the grey-brown mud

I found that the sheet itself wasn’t too soft which is understandable because the mud has to stay intact, but it was a little hard for me to keep the mask adhered onto my face for the full effect to take place. However, sheet masks rarely go up to my hairline so I really like the fit!

I kept this on for 30 mins - besides the slight cooling feel, my face did feel stiff during masking because of its tightening effects, BUT definitely not as stiff and drying as the regular clay/mud masks that come in a tub. Rinsing it all off was real easy too! There wasn’t too much residue left on my skin as most of it came away with the sheet.

I really do love the way my skin feels after this mask. It’s now softer, smoother, and physically more matte/blurred. My tiny pores are minimized and my redness has reduced! I felt like the results fully took place overnight as my skin looked bright and fresh the next morning, which was a game changer for my makeup application that day 💁🏻💞


As you may know, I have normal to combination-oily skin, and this mask did not appear drying for me. It managed to tighten some of my smaller pores but didn’t help too much with the larger ones.

I would recommend it to our Beauties out there who are quite lazy/impatient with sheet masks (like me) and are wanting a pore care mask that is convenient yet effective 😍This mask was very pleasant to use, I liked the results, and I’ll definitely be reaching for it again! 

Thanks for reading my review this month beauties, remember to care for your skin everyday - let’s be pretty! 🦋

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