Correct Contact Lens Care 👀

by Isabel Bang

Hi Beauties 💕

I'm back with tips on how to correctly put on, off and store contact lenses! Assuming that you all have already watched HIKOCO's video of Contact Lens for First Timers, I'll go into the details straight away!

Before anything else, you never rinse contact lenses OR the lens container with tap water as it could cause eye infection. Use the lens solution that you find in pharmacies!

Actually, you can wash the container with water, but make sure it's completely dried (not with a towel!) before anything else. And this one's a basic one. Always, ALWAYS wash hands when putting on & taking off contact lenses.

At the exciting moment of opening a new pair of contact lenses, DO NOT wear it straight away. You need to clean it first with some solution before wearing it the first time, as it probably has been staying in its container for a while. 

But when cleaning your new lens, DO NOT use the solution that was already inside the container & throw it out as soon as it’s opened! - I mean what's the point of cleaning it with the old solution again right? 😂

If your contact lenses are reusable (all lenses from HIKOCO are monthly lenses!), don't forget to clean lens after use as well. I'll tell you how 👇🏻👇🏻

  • Place lens on on hand, drop 2-3 drops of solution and rub with finger for about 20 seconds (avoid touching contact with nails as its very unhygienic & could cause ripping) & to finish up, drop another 2-3 drops on lens
  • After the cleaning, put lens in the case that is ⅔ filled up with solution
  • To prevent the lenses from ripping, place the contact lenses with the convex side of the lens facing up.
  • Make sure the lenses hit the bottom of the case and then close the case lid.

*Always check that you place the the RIGHT side of contact lenses in the RIGHT side of the case.

*Place lenses in fresh & clean solution after every use overnight to ensure that it’s fully disinfected. - Even when you don’t use your contact lenses, replace the solution every 3 days!

They also say that you need to change your contact lens case every 2-3 months. So I tend to change them every time I open up a new set of lenses - You can buy these cases in the pharmacy as well 🙌🏻


So here were the few tips I've brought for all our beauties for are fairly new to contact lenses! After we've brought in O-Lens in HIKOCO, figured that y'all might need some guide to a healthier lens care. 

Hope this helped a little! Upgrade your eye-styling with the gorgeous O-Lens contact lenses & have a lovely pretty day beauties 💕

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