Why Do We Need Hair Serums? 💆🏻‍♀️

by Lizzie Catterson

Hi beauties!

Hope everyone stayed safe and healthy during the hard times, and keeping hair, skin and nails happy as well 😍  Hair care is becoming the new skin care, so I wanted to give some tips on the benefits of hair serums and showcase what we stock here at HIKOCO!

What is a hair serum?

A hair serum is a liquid based styling product made up of hydrating oils and silicone. It's meant to treat hair at the surface level designed to smoothen and hydrate hair, while also creating a protective barrier against humidity. Hair serums are perfect for those with hectic schedules who need to quickly bring dull hair to life, or those with dry and frizzy hair.

What are the benefits of using a hair serum?

  • They quickly & effortlessly transform the look of your hair
  • Not as time consuming as a mask, perfect for those on the go
  • Seal in moisture for dry hair
  • Depending on the serum, can protect from heat, dust and humidity
  • For curly or frizzy hair, can extend the life of curls and prevent flyaways
  • Most serums can be used either as a pre-style treatment or a finishing product

Tips for application

They're best used on towel dried or completely dry hair!

For the most effective application, it is best to rub the product between your hands first rather than applying straight to hair - this prevents too much product being applied to the same spot, which can make the hair look oily. This method means the product is more evenly distributed through out the hair.

For drier hair types, a second application will boost shine and hydration! You can also apply the product further up the ends of your hair.

For oily hair types, as with most serums it is best to apply the product to the ends away from the scalp, or it may make hair look more oily, especially if it is very fine.

It is best to use a small amount of product and build it up! Try to avoid rubbing it into your hair, especially when it’s damp - wet hair is more prone to breakage and this can be made worse with friction. Instead, apply the serum by running your fingers through your hair or pressing it in, focussing on the driest or frizziest spots.

Product Recommendation

At HIKOCO we stock the best selling Mise en Scene Perfect Hair Repair Serum!

Price: $21

Quantity: 80ml

Description: Fabulously luxurious, this hair serum protects and hydrates with seven different kinds of oil. Promising to increase elasticity and strength of the hair while reducing tangles for soft and smooth tresses in as little as three days, it's not hard to see why this is loved by many and has been awarded by Beauty Awards and Elle Girl.

Key Ingredients: Argan, camelia, marula, olive, jojoba, coconut and apricot oil.

This is a dry oil serum, meaning it won’t feel as oily or heavy on the hair. Since it contains coconut oil, a light oil, it's suitable for oiler hair types. It has a nice floral scent that isn’t too overpowering!

This product contains glycerin, which forms a protective barrier against heat, making it a great pre-styling treatment. It smooths the outer layer of the hair, preventing frizziness while boosting shine so can also be used as a finishing product! Stearyl alcohol, a fatty (good!) alcohol works alongside the 7 oils to rehydrate damaged and dry hair.

So if you find your hair looking dull, frizzy, or more prone to breakage, a hair serum may be the answer to your problems! 

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