HOW TO: Soothe During Allergy Season

by Michelle Li

Springtime is arriving and that unfortunately, brings allergy season from the pollen blowing around. What can our skin experience during this time? It can become sensitive and if you have pollen allergies, it may become dry, red and itchy. Puffy eyes can also come about too! So we thought of compiling some of the most common concerns that you may be experiencing and what to do to help.  

Think Soothe

Spring allergies can often cause the skin to become inflamed, red and sometimes, even swollen. If left untreated, your strong skin right now can weaken overtime. This is what causes dryness, itchiness and even acne. It’s an overwhelming cycle that I’m sure we all don’t want to deal with! In comes your soothing skincare, where not only will it help cool and de-swell inflammation, but prevent a damaged skin barrier.

The Jumiso Have a Good Cream contains Snail and Centella to rescue your skin troubles as it protects your skin barrier. I’m sure we all know the power of Snail Mucin extract, right? Not only is it amazing at keeping skin moisturisers, but it’s known as the ‘skin-regenerator’ for a reason. It has all the skincare benefits you need to heal your skin along with skin-calming and K-beauty favourite, Centella.

De-swell Puffiness

There are tons of reasons that cause dark circles. One of them can be due to the season changing into spring. If you’re congested, blood can pool around the undereye area, thus causing these stubborn dark circles. Keep your blood circulation moving and it’ll help brighten the darkness. 

The Pyunkang Yul Concentrated Eye Cream contains Ginseng extract which is known to boost blood circulation. Not only that, it contains compounds like Saponin and Polyphenol to reverse your skin back to health. This eye cream contains intensely nourishing ingredients to keep skin soft yet it has a super lightweight texture. If you want to get rid of the puffiness, use your fourth finger (which is actually your softest finger) to gently massage the cream around your eyes. Going in circles for a few times can help de-swell and de-puff 💆🏻

Shop Clean Beauty

Allergies can definitely make your skin more sensitive, thus causing more redness and pimples. It’s best to keep your skincare sweet and simple during this time! Fragrance, sulfates and parabens should be left out of your skincare routine as these are the most common allergens found. To make it simple for you, look for our clean beauty labels ensures they're sensitive skin-approved.  

Torriden has been gaining a lot of popularity on Tiktok, going viral for their Dive In Serum. In Korea, their other products have gained just as much recognition like their Dive In Soothing Cream, even winning a few awards. Not only does this cream contain their powerful 5D Hyaluronic Acid Complex but they’ve added many botanical extracts like chamomile and lavender. These will further heal your skin, perfect for sensitive or sensitised skin types.

Allergies can be annoying to deal with during spring but as far as skincare goes, there are certain ingredients to look for that’ll help you continue your path to beautiful skin. After all, self-care to relax and relieve will go a long way! Good luck, Beauties 🌷

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