HI-REVIEW: Son & Park Beauty Water

by Hara Kang

Review* Son & Park Beauty Water

Hi Beauties!

Today I am bringing such a wonderful product to review [Son & Park Beauty Water] Beauty water sounds so magical to me. Is it make my skin beautiful?! :)

Basically this is All-in-one multi-tasking toner : Cleansing water + Toning + Skin-perfecting for day and night uses. I have really enjoyed this multi-purposed beauty water for about 3 months and I would like to pick it as top 10 skin care item for 2017. 



Quantity: 340ml

Price(NZD): $40

Product description:

A smart cleansing liquid made from natural plant extracts that gently cleans and moisturizes to deliver smooth, revitalized and hydrated skin. It can be used as toner, makeup remover or skin refresher. 

Natural origin

Natural ingredients leave skin refreshed and revitialized, even for sensitive skin


The skin is cleansed thoroughly and gently with natural ingredients derived from coconut, corn, potato and wheat.


Formulated with lavender water, rose water and orange fruit extract to deliver intense hydration. 



I though it must be a glass bottled toner from the photo at first, then once I get this item, I found that the bottle is made out of clear plastic which prevents the item from damaging and also light in weight. 

My first impression of this item is simple, professionally designed and so clean. Package is all white with black and dark grey writing that explains everything in Korean and English clearly. 

Actual product is double sealed. Once you take that silver thing off, you can use it straight away. If you are the beginner for this, you need to test out how much liquid comes out. There is no inner cap (like some of other toner from Korean brand) so large amount of liquid is coming out '0'! 



Texture is quiet runny but there is bit of stickiness into it; like a serum. 

There is not much scent. A bit of herbal essence smells?! like tea tree..?! (may comes from the natural ingredients) but it is not very strong. This scent makes me refresh.



Put appropriate amount to a cotton pad and gently sweep across the face.

*Even after removing makeup, there is still left over from deep pores*
Also you can make DIY sheet mask just before putting make up on 
*It delivers moistures into deep pores that helps skin to be ready for makeup
OR You can put this beauty water into the spray bottle to be used as mist. 

Beauty water is ideal for;

- When you want to cleanse your face during a long flight

- As a toner before application of the rest of your skin care products

- When wiping off residue after the use of a sheet mask or massage cream

- As a way to freshen up your face during the day



This beauty water is one of my best skin care item in 2017. Actually I am falling in love with it :) after I saw the left over make ups and dirts on a pad with beauty water. I though double cleansing is enough.. 
If you are new to Beauty water, it doesn't cleanse crazy amount of makeups like waterproof makeup and stuff... but it does cleans your skin and removes dead skin cells.
It’s also great to fix little makeup mistakes without melting the rest of your masterpiece. It’s also an excellent toner to balance pH and sweep away residue after your double-cleansing routine. The formula has willow bark extract for gentle exfoliation so after time, it even has skin-brightening and smoothing effects. 
It contains Benzyl Alcohol so if you are allergic to alcohol, please beware of it. But it is at the very bottom of ingredient list which means it contains very small amount. Ingredient lists are usually ordered by the most to least. So don't be so worry..
This beauty water is emphasised 94% of ingredients are all natural extracts that does not give any stress to your skin. I can definitely feel that after I used for few times. 
Overall, 100% satisfied with this beauty water for everyday use:) I can see the improvement on my skin and cannot live without it T-T
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