Claw Clip Stylings for Your Bad Hair Days

by Isabel Bang

1. 90’s Updo

Who else is in the old-school fashion, and got themselves a claw clip? You can do a hundred different styling with these retro hair accessories, but the most classic would be the 90’s updo. Push all hair to the back and hold a ponytail mid-way up. Twist the hair to the end and hold it up to lay it on your head, folding the twist in halves up and down if you have long hair. Once the twist bunch is the same size as your hair clip, place the clip around the whole bundle of hair to fix it on. Pull out little bits of your side hair and give them a curl with a hair styler for a natural look. 

2. Low Braid Bun

It’s easy to tie a low bun, but to style your hair better you might consider a braided bun with a cute hair clip. First, you tie a low ponytail and do a three-way braid - Remember to use mini polybands when tying your hair, so that it’s easy to hide them! Make sure you pull on bits of your hair by the tie, giving your upper hair some volume. Roll your braid into a bun and you can either choose to use a big hair clip to claw the whole bun or tie it with another polyband, then clip on a smaller claw clip on the braid bun to give your hair a statement piece.

3. Half-up Half-down Bun

This one looks best on curly hair! Section the top ⅓ of your hair to the back, and use a polyband to tie it - but on the last time pulling your hair through the band, only pull halfway to make a loose bun leaving the leftover hair to fall downwards. Vertically place the hair clip on top of the polyband and fix the bun to the rest of your hair. If the hair clip is not enough to fix the bun tightly on the back of your head, try using bobby pins to properly attach it. If these hair clip styling methods still confuse you, it’d be easier watching this amazing hair tutorial video using diff scrunchies and hair clips! (skip to 6:54 for this half-up half-down bun style).

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