K-Drama: Catching Mouse Needs A Survival Strategy

by Anna Do

Big Mouth (2022) | 빅마우스


Filled with mystery, intrigue and schemes, the drama had a LOT going on even in the first episode. Lee Jong Suk’s character, Park Changho, is a 10% winning rate lawyer who gets tangled in a murder trial and ends up in prison. Then, he is framed as the biggest swindler, “Big Mouse.” In a life-threatening situation, he comes up with a strategy of using “Big Mouse’s” identity to find freedom and save his wife, who also gets involved while attempting to clear his name. I can’t help but fall for Lee Joong Suk’s masterclass acting 👏 It was so satisfying to see him bring justice by not only standing up for himself but also helping others in a place where it seems like powerful and rich people only make the rules.


The drama makes you join Changho in guessing who “Big Mouse” is. Each episode ended with a “Big Mouse” suspect, from the most influential characters like Mayor Choi (Kim Joo-hun), the prison warder and even the naive characters too. I have made endless guesses, but none of them is right so far 🙃 It seems like “Big Mouse” has his minions at every corner. My next suspect is Jerry (Kwak Dong-yeon), a huge fan of “Big Mouse.” In prison, he serves Changho loyally, until he finds out the truth of Changho's identity. Even though Jerry seems to be the most kind-hearted character, my suspicion is now on him! They said the most innocent person is often the dangerous one. Well, the mystery will soon unfold!


Move to Go Miho (Im Yoon-Ah), she’s Changho’s wife and is just as wise and brave as her husband. A nurse, I admire how she supports, trusts and protects Changho throughout each episode. Although she’s a bit stubborn at times, she is clever (and lucky) enough to stay away from danger. Her strong survival skill helps Changho reveal the truth behind who “Big Mouse” is, creating the best teamwork between them and her father, Attorney Ko (Lee Ki-young). Showing how just like Miho’s father said “With teamwork like this, we can save the nation',' a sentence that melts my heart ❤️

Besides the main purpose of finding who “Big Mouse” is, the drama also involves a wealthy family where they fight for inheritance and take revenge. Mayor Choi is an interesting character as he connects the “Big Mouse” with the revenge story. After watching the first few episodes, I thought he was a simple man who stood for justice. But again, the mastermind behind the drama is unpredictable! 

One more episode until the truth is completely uncovered! You can already guess where I’ll be tonight right? Sitting on my couch and watching the end unfold! The directors of Big Mouth really were able to craft a gripping and intensive story that carried out throughout the entirety of this k-drama. Click here for the trailer for a sneak peek of the mystery that is yet to unfold! Until the next trending series 👋

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