Are You Ready for the Outfit Combos Taking Over Spring?

by Michelle Li
Dainty Tops + Cargo Bottoms

Cargo fashion has been on the rise for awhile now. I thought it would only last during fall and winter but now moving into spring, cargo mini and midi-skirts are coming up too. To balance out the tomboy-ish look of it, dainty tops are the way to go! Go for pastel colours that match the spring vibes perfectly, or ribbon-tied details for the still trendy Balletcore aesthetic 🩰 Cropped and fitted tops seem to be the go-to with the often loose and low-waisted cargo bottoms too. 

Button-Up Shirts + Monochromatic Outfit


Now, a monochromatic outfit can always be spiced up with a button-up shirt! These types of shirts are often a staple in any wardrobe and especially worn in spring. When the weather is a bit unpredictable, you can use it to lightly layer up or simply take it off if the weather gets warmer. Instead of your typical white or blue button up, vivid or striped button-up shirts are now trending to really upgrade an otherwise very basic outfit. 

Blokecore Tees + Flowy Skirt


Contrasting aesthetics in K-fashion seem to happen more so this spring. Definitely makes any outfit interesting and like you put in way more effort and thought than it actually took. One of these contrasting combos is with what Koreans have been calling ‘Blokecore’ tees 🏀⚽️🏈 They’re basically any graphic tee or sports jersey that is balanced out with a flowy skirt, whether that’s a pleated tennis skirt or tiered maxi skirt. Comfy yet super cute for those who love a casual-sporty look for spring! 

Casual OOTDs + Metallic Silver Accessories 


During the warmer months of Korea, metallic silver has been a top pick, especially in accessories. What seems like quite out-there pieces, Koreans have been dressing it down. You wouldn’t really expect but it’s as casual as everyday outfits get! But these metallic silver accessories are really all you need to spice up an outfit - it’s already got so much bling in the material 🪩 This silver has started off with accessories but slowly it’s made its way into mini dresses and shorts. Maybe we can soon see that here as we get into Summer?

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