K-Fashion: Pull Off the Trendy Y2K Aesthetic

by Michelle Li

Plaid Pattern 

An iconic print to pull off the Y2K aesthetic is with plaid patterns. You can’t go wrong with this as it takes us back to the classic 2000’s movies. To pull off this look for Korean teens, they wore plaid patterned skirts or upgraded their look to a different level with a crop top instead. Of course, Y2K brings out the bright colours that perfectly suit the bright colours that summer has to offer. So to really bring out the Y2K aesthetic, wearing a vibrant plaid patterned item will do just the trick. Paired with knee-high socks and chunky shoes, you will definitely have the Y2K aesthetic down!

Matching Sets

Sets do all the work for you without needing to think about which piece of clothing styles best. In Korea, matching sets can be seen a lot since they’ll  keep your outfit looking trendy in the best Y2K way yet it takes all the stress off! Find matching sets with patterns and/or neon, vibrant colours to join in what makes up the Y2K trend. Whether that’s a loungewear set or a more chic tailored one, a matching set with bright colours means a Y2K aesthetic that’s perfect for summer. 

Colourful Layers 

Layers may not be your first choice when it comes to choosing an outfit for the summertime but with the Y2K aesthetic, this trend is actually perfect for summer. The tip is to layer up with see-through tops or tanks to cool us down for the summer while still staying Y2K-trendy. Colours work best for this trend, just make sure they are within the same tone to ensure your outfit doesn’t clash. For the summertime, combining vibrant tones like neon or pastel colours to layer up is a huge go-to fashion trend. If you want to scale it up, choose some chunky kitchy accessories to really take us back to the early 2000’s that is Y2K.

Crop Tees + Low-Rise Bottom Combo 

For those who love staying casual, there’s no reason why you can’t even with the Y2K aesthetic. Pairing crop tees and low-rise bottoms will help you achieve the K-streetwear-hip vibe that was popping off during the early 2000’s. Go for low rise baggy jeans for more of a street style look and if you really want your outfit to stand out, bold or patterned tees can make your outfit pop for the summer-time. Not only that, it’s also the best kind of tees to pull off the K-fashion Y2K aesthetic.

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