Trending 2023 Kpop Makeup Looks to Follow

by Larissa Tsui

Futuristic Eye Makeup


We are jumping to the future with futuristic makeup looks! I have been seeing more vivid and metallic colours, unique eyeliner and gem-studded eye looks taking the centre of the stage. This style of eye makeup gives you an edgy touch where you express your flare with no limits. You can rock this futuristic look with bold and interesting reverse eyeliner designs. Or, for a bit more fun, use bold or pastel coloured eyeliners for an easy pop of colour! If eyeliner isn’t your forte, don’t worry, you can still achieve this look with bold, vivid eye shadow colours or even use Unleashia’s Glitter Mini Gels for that extra glittery glam

Caramel Blush


Light brown shades with a moderate warm undertone that is not too red or orange are the trend now. Using a softer, brown shade not only mimics contour but compared to using pink and peach shades, a caramel blush gives you that lovely sun kissed glow. Just like your skin is naturally glowing 😊 For this blush trend, a light brown or bronzy blush paired with a matte finish is perfect! My personal pick would be the Peripera’s Pure Blushed Sunshine Cheek 🤎 #16 Acorn Beige for warm undertones and #17 Rosy Brown suited for more cool undertones. Take it a step further by finishing off with a brown-toned lip, a 90s vibe that is still very much on trend!

‘Clean’ Look


There’s definitely a shift from bold, flashy looks to natural, no-makeup makeup looks even on stage. Instead a translucent, natural look with less emphasis on bold eye makeup paired with monochromatic tones is now THE look these days. With New Jeans starting this trend, this pure, innocent makeup style has spread all across the K-pop idol industry. Even the usually bold-image groups have shifted to more minimal, natural looks too! Try swapping out bold eye makeup and colours to similar neutral tones for your whole face (eyeshadow, blush and lips). More wispy natural-looking false eyelashes creates a cute look that perfectly completes this glowy ‘clean’ makeup

Juicy Lips


We know that gradation lips have taken over the Korean makeup scene for years. But a new look has emerged and is staying for 2023. Juicy, plump-looking lips with a blurred lip line are the go-to now to give you healthy, nourished, glossy lips 👄 Go ahead and top off your favourite lip colour with some gloss and you got yourself this look! Luckily for us, many K-beauty brands have created a tint with a glossy finish. Such as the Amuse Dew Tint #09 Seoul Soul (my personal favourite shade of gloss) to achieve juicy, luscious lips with just one swipe. Even better that it leaves a lasting colour too 😍

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