2021 June K-Pop Major Comebacks

by Isabel Bang

Shout out to the Beauties who suggested we have an article about the K-Pop comebacks of the month 😘 No wonder one would ask for this post because all the June comebacks were pretty iconic. I’ve tried fitting in as many comebacks as possible but for those who I couldn’t mention in-depth, there’s a list of the June comeback songs at the end of this page!

Monsta X

Starship Entertainment

Monsta X opened 2021 June with their 9th mini album ‘One of a Kind’. If you haven't listened to this full album yet, your're missing out big. But hey, if you don’t know, now you know *wink* These six boys are always there to fill the beasty sexiness in the K-Pop scene whenever we’re lacking some. Their title song ‘GAMBLER’ was produced by the main rapper JOOHONEY, and the track grabs your ears in as soon as it begins. The heavy bass drum beats us into the sexy mood of the track and as the electric guitar hits in, it builds up to the highlights of the song. The lyrics relate the affectionate tension between two people to a gamble, both of them going "all-in" for this strong attraction. Everyone’s talking about the members’ leather jacket styling, but I am here for the BLACK TUX. Here’s a video of their stage of GAMBLER in Music Bank in their tux, thank me later.


Stone Music Entertainment

Who’s another MooMoo (Mamamoo fan) who adores slow sentimental songs of our unnies? Right after Monsta X, Mamamoo dropped a ballad ‘Where Are We Now’ as they announced the beginning of the “WAW Project. The title song talks about what the group has gone through in the past seven years of their life as K-Pop idols, questioning where they stand now, and where they should head to. Wherever that destination may be, the lyrics beautifully deliver the message that there will always be “you and I, us two.” Mamamoo is a known group that can do all, from heavenly vocals, charismatic performances, and thousands of different conceptualised stylings. For me, I’m a hopeless lover of their slower tracks such as Wind flower, I Miss You, and Paint Me, meaning that this comeback was EXACTLY what I needed from my girls. If you’re up for some power vocals, go add Where Are We Now in your playlist! 


SM Entertainment

The recent EXO comeback was exciting for everyone because it’s been so long since their last one in 2019! Before Baekhyun (main vocalist) went off to serve the military, the group recorded ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’ as a seven-member group. You might wonder because there are only six people in the image above, but you’ll see the appearance of Lay in the MV, EXO’s Chinese member who was in China during. ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’ is an upbeat dance genre, with a fast-paced rhythm built with engaging synth sounds with a very exo-like “another galaxy” theme. SM Ent. was applauded for their novel promotion for this album, making a mini mobile game named “EXO SHIP-SAGA” similar to the old-school game Galaga - players could even collect the EXO members’ player ID cards! My obsession with this comeback would definitely be Kai’s (main dancer) orange hair 🤦🏻‍♀️


JYP Entertainment

Obviously, the fans have been waiting for this TWICE comeback, because ‘Alcohol-Free’ is sweeping all the awards from the weekly music shows! Their 11th Mini Album ‘Taste of Love’ is filled with the summer-night romance vibe, with the title song ‘Alcohol-Free’ becoming the new summer anthem. A little mix of bossa nova and hip hop beats did a wonderful job of bringing to mind a gorgeous shoreside somewhere in the Latin countries. The lyrics listing out sweet wine and cocktails reminded me of the ultimate summer-must-listen, Girls’ Generation’s ‘Holiday’. For sure, I can see the two songs being listed next to each other in my next summer road trip playlist. Great news for Onces (TWICE fan), JEONGYEON IS BACK!! The member that had to temporarily refrain from the group due to health issues, is officially back to work to the fans' excitement. Hope you’re all better now Jeongyeon 💖


Pledis Entertainment

Since I'm someone who appreciates well-made choreography, SEVENTEEN lives in a special place in my heart. The group’s 8th Mini Album ‘Your Choice’ holds a story of a matured relationship between lovers. The title song ‘Ready to love’ talks about a man falling in love with his friend, and is now ready to confess his feelings. It’s an R&B based pop, that stepped up SEVENTEEN from their former teenager-boyish styles to one that is more grown, mellow, and mannish. We can’t skip the choreography video when it comes to SEVENTEEN, because the originality of their choreos are always admired by not only the audience but also professional dancers. It seems like the group always does a wonderful job of making the most of using all thirteen members, for a variety of compositions in different styles. My favourite stage of ‘Ready to love’ would no doubt be the one from the Jimmy Kimmel Show, where the camera work was on point 👌

Those are the comebacks up to today’s date, but there’s something else that I’m desperately waiting for in the June comebacks… 2PM’S COMEBACK HAPPENING ON JUNE 28TH. I’ll see you there at the MV release. 

Here’s the list of more June comebacks that you might want to check out: 

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