Hottest K-Pop Performances from Korea's Coolest Festival

by Michelle Li

There aren’t a ton of k-pop festivals in Korea, but when there is one, it’s definitely a HUGE event! One of them is Waterbomb Festival that takes place in Summer. The first three days occurred in Seoul, and this year the festival will travel around Korea to 7 other cities! So let’s recap some of the hottest stars that kicked off the Waterbomb Festival festivities.


I’ve seen so many fancams of Eunbi and it left a lot of people speechless with her unexpected charisma and how much fun she brought to the stage. Her most popular fancam to date is ‘Underwater.’ The way she interacted with the audience with the water guns while singing got her a lot of attention and for sure new fans! Though, my favourite song of her’s is from her solo debut album, “Door.” Definitely another fancam that is worth a watch too!


BTOB brings in major K-pop nostalgia as they debuted in 2012. With their most recent comeback in May, it was the perfect timing for BTOB to be a part of the festival’s lineup. Even with all the running around and playing with the water guns,  BTOB proves why they’re known for their amazing live vocals! But what went viral and caught the eyes of many was actually BTOB’s Minhyuk. I’m sure just watching this video here you’ll fully understand why ❤️‍🔥 Compared to how Chang-sub was dressed, swimming goggles and all, definitely left people laughing in the comment section about the seemingly odd contrast.  


If you’re a huge fan of Aespa, their 30 minute setlist is a must-watch. Performing their catchy title tracks made the crowd so excited that you can even hear them screaming in the fancam 😂 It’s crazy to think that they’ve been on a world tour and still have the energy to perform in front of thousands more. Plus, apart from some of their concerts, it was the first time they performed Yeppi Yeppi live! 


Of course, there are a lot more artists that made the Waterbomb Festival in Seoul more iconic than it has ever been. To just name a few, Jay Park, Sunmi, and Hyuna which of course are a must for K-pop festivals. But StayC, Oh My Girl, Zico, Bibi were also part of the lineup. With Waterbomb Festival appearing in Daegu, Busan, Suwon, Incheon and even Jeju Island, there are going to be a lot more viral fancams to come! 

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