ON YOUTUBE: Korean Englishman Exposes Military Life

ON YOUTUBE: Korean Englishman Exposes Military Life

by Michelle Li



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Bringing you Korea’s military life, the way you’ve never seen before! Rigorous training and 18 months of active enlistment before discharging is seemingly tough but we've never saw just how tough this mandatory military service would be… until now.

Korean Englishman (영국남자) is a popular Youtube channel that started off with UK-based Josh Carrott introducing all of Korean culture to the world! One of the most popular stars on his channel are actually a group of British high school students.

It all started three years ago when Josh Carrott brought a variety of Korean street food to British high schoolers to try. Having never been exposed to Korean culture, their enthusiasm really reflected through the screen. Not only that, their down-to-earth and open-minded personality captured the hearts of viewers from all around the world - they quickly became a celebrity in Korea!

Fast-forward to 2023, Korean Englishman crew’s surprised them with a trip to Korea ✈️ They were shocked, speechless and filled with excitement! This vacation was filled with many adventures as they got to know more about K-culture - learning Korean from comedian Sam Hammington, attending Korean high school, and having a blast at Camptong Island Water Park in Gyeonggi-do.

Little would they know, these British high school students would return to Korea for a totally different experience - the tough military life. Having now graduated and the same age as most Korean men that start military, this would be an unforgettable experience for them. But Korean Englishman's crew were able to film the entire experience under one condition - no special treatment! It's unlike any other content I have ever seen as I was given a first-hand glimpse into Korean Navy Boot Camp.

Everything about it was real; from shaving their full head of hair, to repetitive combat training, even being in a gas chamber, we got to see ALL of it! It was rough, but their perseverance and strength made the viewers fall in love with them all over again. We also got to see them supporting each other along with the other Koreans completing their military service, despite the language barrier 🥺

I've heard about how rough Military Service is, but never saw with my own eyes just how difficult it is. Named by Korean Englishman's crew as 'the most ambitious series yet', watching this series was a serious eye-opener. So if you're curious about what Korean men have to go through during their 18 month service, you can now get a peek for yourself! 

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