the menu: #aucklandeats MOST Underrated

the menu: #aucklandeats MOST Underrated

by Michelle Li



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The hidden gems of #aucklandeats. Feeling like ''just one bite' or a date night-worthy restaurant?Whatever you're craving, we got you covered here...

Small Bites


No.1 Pancake - Ham & Cheese Hotteok

UOA graduates (- 2021) would know how iconic this place was for a quick snack! They've moved to the shore to operate, but I would go anywhere for their melty cheese pull 🧀

Gao - Wagyu Cheeseburger Spring Roll
Classic cheeseburger gone rogue! Wagyu Beef stuffed with the freshest vegetables and fried till golden-perfection. Made even better with housemade Korean burger sauce. 

Sneaky Snacky Donuts - Kare Pan Curry Bread

Warm up with Japanese Curry...stuffed in a donut - a meal in itself! Soft, sweet and full of flavour.

sweet cravings

Folds Patisserie - Ube & Taro Egg Tarts

Portuguese Egg Tarts come in flavours that we can only dream of! If you can't get enough, join Folds Patisserie for Asian-inspired high tea.

Mill Bakery - Ribbon Croissant
A bakery that knows all things croissant! Ribbon is extra pretty, and a sweet filling to surprise you in every bite.

Small Mercies - Mont Blanc Kkwabaegi

Bringing childhood memories back with Kkwabaegi, the Korean version of donuts! Limited edition flavour (avail. until June) is chestnut, and everything spiced - the definitive fall flavours 🍂

Desserts To End

Thaiger - Deep-Fried Banana Balls

Unique to Thaiger, it's the perfect sweet treat to end your Thai-fusion dinner! Deep-fried, complete with Kaffir Lime ice-cream and a drizzle of chocolate caramel sauce.

Tokki - Melona S’more

Offered in Tokki's House Menu (chef's recommendation), Melon S'more serves the finishing touch. Seems like your typical blowtorched marshmallow but bite in, and the refreshing 'Melona'-flavour ice cream bursts through!

Masu - Shiro Miso Pavlova

Giving date night, this kiwi-signature dessert is the best sweet-salty combo. Delicate, light textures with a umami hit everytime!

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