'22 HIKOCO x SPCA: Save the Earth, Save the Animals

by Michelle Li

Each year, HIKOCO makes a donation to SPCA, a promise to ourselves and Beauties 💕 For those who asked for a HIKOCO paper bag at our offline stores, you are contributing to a donation we always make around the Christmas holidays. As you are filling up the bag with K-beauty goods, we are filling SPCA centres up with HIKOCO love for the animals too! 

In 2022, with  5177 paper bags purchased, HIKOCO was able to donate $10,354 all because of our Beauties. This means we are helping out 31,000 animals (and counting!) who are sick, injured or simply abandoned. For the animals in need, this means alot to SPCA! They can continue their services through rescue, rehabilitating and re-homing thousands of animals in need every year 🐶🐱🐮🐷🐄

If you would like to begin 2023 with the spread of kindness, click here to make a donation too!

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