HI-TIPS: Why K-Beauty?

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World beauty industry is paying attention to K-Beauty.

As you can see from this phrase by Marie Claire “Korea is the new skincare superpower where 12 years ahead of skincare innovation globally” K-beauty spurred such a worldwide beauty phenomenon. Why the infatuation?

Korean consumers, both male and female are known to be one of the most demanding beauty consumers in the world, hence their feedback on beauty products are often very subtle and sharp. Rather than focusing only on the aesthetic aspect of the products, consumers assess various qualities of the products, including their impact on skin health, degree of hydration and even their packaging design. Korean beauty products have collaterally evolved with the rising expectations of the consumers. Their qualities therefore is certainly one of the best in the world and is always up to date with the trend. 

Having thousands of beauty brands in the market, why choose brands or products that are no different to others? Being a consumer gives you the right to choose the best quality products and Korean beauty market is at the forefront of the beauty world. 


The K-beauty creates innovative beauty items such as BB Cream, Sheet masks, cushion pact which have settled as essential products in the world wide beauty industry. They have now become terms used among consumers. With an intense focus on research and development, Korean beauty industry is always at the forefront of innovative development.

High quality and better value

There are various price ranges for different beauty products, however their quality does not proportionate with the price. Having smarter consumers and increasing competition between beauty brands, the manufacturers are forced to put out high quality products at a reasonable and affordable prices.

Natural & Gentle ingredients

As Korean beauty consumers focus heavily on using healthier ingredients and gentle formula, this has become a key requirement in introducing new products onto the market. Using traditional oriental medicine formula which has passed down for generations, the products avoid using harsh chemicals. Their compellingly fresh formulations can deliver the results you could have never achieved before.


Design and packaging must be unique as they often define the products' identities to the consumers. Korean beauty product packagings are trendy and aesthetically pleasing. They are no inferior to packagings of named brands and luxury goods. Even the smallest details are considered to design packaging that meet the consumer's needs and convenience.

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  • SKY

    Thank you for your valuable information.
    Yes Korean cosmetics have very good qualities at reasonable price level.
    Wish prosperous future to HIKOCO!!!

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