Tested + Approved by HIKOCO

by Hara Kang


Our teams in both NZ and Korea continuously conduct market research to select the most up to date beauty items in Korea. We also study the product ingredients, formula and special points on each item to deliver the best advice to the customers. We refer to various feedbacks and reviews provided by the Korean consumers in order to carefully select the best and the hottest items in Korea.


Hara and Jay often journey to Korea and other countries such as Australia, the USA and Japan to read the beauty trend and to be inspired from various species. Although we do not make our own products, we select the most trendy items and test them on different skin types for enough period of time. We try them personally to also discover any problems or any inconvenience regarding the products so that we can deliver the exact experience of using the products to our customers.


Most of items in HIKOCO are tested by us. We don’t want to put rubbish items on our website. We curate only the best items. and by filming videos, tutorials and reviews will be shared with our HIKOCO fans. 

We do not get sponsored by any of the brands


Once the item is approved by HIKOCO, our team in Korea thoughtfully select the final items and send them to HIKOCO in NZ. They are fresh and genuine items from Korea.

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