2016 New Year Resolution for my Skin

by Hara Kang


It is finally 2016 and HIKOCO is newly opened in New Zealand.

Every year comes the resolutions and one of my resolution will be drinking more water for my skin. Simply we do not drink enough water. And it is so important to drink at least 1.5 – 2L everyday.

Here are some tips for how to drink more water a day.

Tip #1. Drink water on a schedule.


I realised that we have a schedule for eating meals through out the day such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. However we don’t have a drinking water schedule and for some people who forget to drinking water this tip is a perfect solution to train your body to be on sort of a routine that can really help remind you to drink more water.

The method that I actually use and want to recommend to you guys is to split your water intake until about four times a day. It is important to drink water in between your meals, not with your meals. The minimum recommended intake of water you should be getting per day is about 2 L. So dividing 2 L by 4 comes to 500ml. Also when you drink water before your meal, you will eat less food than normal.


Tip #2. Upgrade your water with natural flavours carbonation.


If you feel bored with plain water and not appetite, I would actually recommend you guys to add some flavour into the water. Lot of European people added citrus into water such as lemon and lime with mint. That is good for summer and for winter time, I prefer infusing tea such as barley tea, greentea or corn tea. You also take extra vitamins and it will be more enjoyable drink.


Tip #3. Sparking water is good to go

If you are big fan of soda, I would recommend sparking water which is a perfect healthy alternative. Natural mineral sparkling water will refreshing your body and water with full of minerals is quiet attractive.


Tip #4. Use a straw to drink water


I have a problem to swallow heaps of liquid at once. So this is my own tip to drink water by using straw. I feel like I drink yummy beverage and I can drink water while I am on computer. In a cute tumbler, put lots of water with ice and drink it with a straw. It will be much easier to someone who are not friendly with drinking water.

Drinking enough water everyday will give you various advantages.

This is a natural way that helps your skin and body to be moist with small amount of money. Also it will help to loose weight. This is not only to appetite you. It flush tozics and increase your body metabolism. So you will fix yourself loosing weight more faster and easier.

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