BB Cream vs CC Cream

by Hara Kang

What is BB and CC Cream? 

BB and CC Creams are representative icon of K-Beauty

My first experience of BB Cream was 15 years ago after I got a laser treatment in Korea. It was only available in beauty therapy, known as a medical skin care product. At that time only grayish skin tone shade was available which was normally used for damaged skin after getting a laser treatment. However it became a super popular MUST HAVE ITEM all over the world and various forms and types of BB Creams are available on the market.  


What is a BB Cream?

BB Cream, stands for “Blemish Balm”. It provides coverage with added skin care benefits such as SPF, anti-oxidant, moisturizing and brightening effects. In European brands, it is so called “Tinted Moisturizer”

What I love about BB Cream?

BB Cream is multi- functional quick base makeup. 

When you go to the supermarket or don’t have enough time in the morning, by applying just one product, your base makeup is done. It is the fastest way to do base makeup with perfect result.

You can create natural skin tone with sun protection.

It is a difference among most of Koreans to others. Korean women prefer natural glowy bright skin tone. They try to avoid cakey base makeup like a Barbie doll but still want to have Barbie’s pale skin tone. Since BB Cream is generally tinted, they use less on their face and still get a perfect outcome which is the key point of using a BB cream.

Hikoco_cc cream

New monster, CC Cream?

CC cream came out onto the market after the introduction of BB cream. What the hack is it? The difference between BB and CC creams is subtle : CC generally stands for “Colour Correcting” and the products are meant to address issues like redness or sallowness, whereas BB creams are like lighter foundation with skin care benefits thrown in it.

What I love about CC Cream?

What I love about CC cream is creamy mouse-like texture. It is easy to blend to create the natural glow skin tone. Even though the coverage is not as good as BB Cream, I still recommend CC Cream to be used as multi-functional primer with light finish. To me, CC cream is more like a skin care product that has a coverage effect.

Many consumers are confused between BB and CC cream’s benefits. What are the differences? And which brands are good? I cannot give you the perfect answer but you SHOULD try both in several brands and find the perfect match to you skin!



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