Pick Your Personal Colour

by Hara Kang

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What is your personal colour? 

Have you found your personal colour yet? Most of you may heard about warm tone and cool tone. Picking up your personal colour means; How to figure out what colours look best on you!  Personal colour in beauty era gives you the way to find the right colour that matches you. Depending on one's skin tone, eye colour and hair colour, you can find out either warm tone or cool tone may suit you. 

Let's find out your personal colour! 

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The Short Cut Testpersonal colour_4

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How was it? Did you see any difference once you place your finger on each colour?
If your skin look brighter or match well with it, that will be your tone. This way is not an accurate way to find out your tone but it will help you to find out your tone. 

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There are several place where helps you to find your personal colour with experts's consultation in Korea. It costs you $50(NZD).


Colours can be defined into 3 tones; Warm tone, Cool tone and Neutral.

Cool (pink, red or bluish undertones)
Warm (yellow, peachy, golden undertones)
Neutral (a mix of warm and cool undertones) 

Let's talk about the colours and tones with 4 seasons 

  1. Simple & modern: Winter  Cool
  2. Bright & Vividness: Spring Warm
  3. Mystique & Mellow : Autum Warm
  4. Fresh & Softness: Summer Cool



Spring is the return of color.  The skies seem bluer, the grass begins to grow again, and the flowers bloom, bursting open with color and fresh life.  The trees begin to bud and the birds and animals are very active.  The whole world seems to wake up from the long Winter’s nap.

Best Color: Ivory, Peach, Coral, Blood orange, Yellow, Navy, Lime, Lavender etc.

Key Point: Colour with yellow base 



Summer gives me fresh, cool and active atmosphere. Summertime really does you up to feel more joyful. 

Best colour: Soft white, sky blue, rose pink, pastel pink, water melon, lavender, light lemon, charcoal grey, mint, Bluish green, bluish grey, etc.

Key: Colour with white base 



Fall is the changing colours of the leaves. This provides opportunities to create leaf rubbings and other leaf related crafts. We can rake leaves together, which naturally leads to jumping in leaf piles! It can be a bit sorrow or gloomy.

Best colour: coffee brown, orange, lime, olive, gold, mustard, orange red, etc

Key: It is good to have goldish colour



Winter always makes me feel peaceful and zen. For some reason my sense of community and social responsibility is always stronger too. There's something a little magical about the winter seasons, knowing that things are in a cycle of life-death-rebirth and especially when it snows (even there is no snow in Auckland).

Best Colour: White, Black, Charcoal, Navy, Hot pink, Red, Light blue, Green, Purple, etc

Key: Colour with black or blue base


The personal colour depends on under skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. Especially for women, colour choice in cosmetic is very important.

To help to find out own colour, we provide simple method. Simply visit us or contact us to get beauty consult at hikoco 


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