HI-REVIEW: Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream

by Hara Kang


Review* Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Watery Cream 

This Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream has been a huge hit in Korea and Asia.  So-called ‘Miracle Cream‘ was praised by various Korean celebrities.

Recently I have spent too much on buying high-end skincare products.. As I get aged(?!) I started to care about wrinkle and elasticity of skin. 

Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream by Nature Republic is the one of my high-end skin care collection and just finished a jar that I was 90% satisfied with. 


Quantity: 60ml

Price(NZD): $104 now $83.20(till 7 May 2016) 

Product description: This premium watery cream contains rd ginseng extract, royal jelly with silk amino acids that intense skin nourishment and moisture. 
Rich hydrating cream contains red ginseng extracts and royal jelly with silk amino acids that deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin.


The cream comes in a luxurious high quality hard cased box. Papery texture box gives me the idea of natural and eco like. 
Inside of the box, you will see the square clear jar. The idea of using clear see-through material outside + green jar inside together is so clever and it makes this cream look even more valuable. It will be a great gift idea for special occasions. 
The most unique thing from this package is double lids. The outer lid is not strong enough to zip the cream in, so there is another lid helps all the moist and ingredients stay inside. It was a tiresome part to use this cream by opening 2 lids to me.. 

*Texture & Scent 

Texture is watery-gel type that absorbs into skin very quickly with moisturized finish. Watery, lightweight texture feels like silk on skin when applied as the last step of my skincare, day and night, on face and neck. 
Real gold powder inside of cream is a KILLING PART. I can tell it contains real gold inside of cream by just looking. I don't know where the gold has gone to once I rub and pat on my skin.. Anyway I still feel like I give a good treat to my skin.
This cream is supposed to improve wrinkles and to have whitening properties, too, using extracts from ginseng, silk and royal jelly.The key ingredients in the Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream are ginseng extracts, pure 99% gold, royal jelly, and gold silkworm. Its red ginseng extracts supply nutrients to your skin and the silk amino acids balance the skin’s oil and moisture level. Nevertheless, a short note: this cream contains alcohol and silicon.

*What I love about this product 

It worked on my skin! I can feel my skin has been improved with fully hydrated even in the beginning of winter season ( I normally have a skin problem once the winter is coming). It is easy to rub and absorbs quickly. My tip for using this cream with double effect is rolling and massaging your face once you apply this cream in night* I love the after-feeling once I used this product. I can feel my skin to be dewy and glowy. 

*What I don't like about.. 

It is royal, royal, high end product that you can also see from the name of this product. It is so pricy... I understand it contains expensive ingredients such as gold, ginseng, royal jelly so on.. but still too much.. Need to grab a special deal for this product.

This cream supposed to be working for whitening and wrinkle improvement. I could not see the extreme improvement or change after finishing a jar.. but I can see my skin texture has been improved a lot!

Other than that, I was satisfied with this product ! 


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