Annyeong 2021, Annyeong 2022!

by Isabel Bang

Happy New Year, Beauties!

Has 2021 wooshed past or what? Working at HIKOCO pretty much means busy, busy, BUSY, which fast forwards 365 days in a blink. It’s always fun to look back on your year at the year-end and see what you’ve achieved and what memories you’ve made. Here’s what’s been happening in HIKOCO during 2021!

To celebrate the new year, we started January with a series of Blowout Sales, putting large-scaled sales in action - in order, ALL sheet masks, toner pads, lip tint, and sunscreens. To our surprise, a LOT of Beauties were excited & loved this new Weekly Special format we tried out. (Hint, there might be something similar coming up 👀) February called for our anniversary celebration, as HIKOCO turned five years old 🖐 We made and gave away the 5th Anniversary stickers and pop sockets, made a whole fall of fame & memories in our stores, and you know what happens every year now… THE LUCKY BOXES! 200 BOXES SOLD IN 6 MINUTES 😳

April came by, letting us enjoy the Easter holidays and the EASTER SALE! Since we couldn’t do anything for Easter last year (during lockdown), we put in more effort and fun in the sale this year for our Beauties! Not only did we carry out a storewide sale, but we also had the ‘Count the Eggs’ quiz and TWENTY Beauties who answered correctly won $50 vouchers! In April, we also shone some attention to Earth Day. We were aware about the plastic that our company was using daily, and we wanted to make a change. Donations went towards the planet-saving organisation ‘Sustainable Coastlines,’ and we added an ‘Eco-friendly Shipping’ option at checkout! Now, HIKOCO is only using recycled plastic for all our online order parcels, which I believe was the most meaningful step forward we made as a company so far.

Then TA-DA! HIKOCO launches a sister brand, your local K-Fashion Playground UNIT D! This project has been planned for a while, as we realised from our TMI newsletters that you Beauties were interested in K-Fashion as much as you are interested in K-Beauty. Starting as an Instagram Store, soon after we opened an official website. With new arrivals uploaded daily, UNIT D aims to bring the most trending K-Fashion items RIGHT NOW in Korea! From our suppliers sending products directly to our warehouse, all products are ready with us - meaning there’s no need for pre-orders and long waits! We still have a long way to go, but thanks to our Beauties, UNIT D is slowly but surely making its presence in the community xx

Coming near the end of the year, you knew the biggest event of the year was approaching… HIKOCO’s Black Friday Sale! During the four-day sale, we had over 60K visitors in our stores both online & offline 👏👏👏 We still had restrictions and capacity limitations like last year due to COVID, but every Beauty was so patient with us and all made sure they wore face masks for everyone’s safety! As Black Friday always goes, the fulfilment team came over during the weekends to minimise the shipping delays - thanks to them we were able to finish the Black Friday dispatches in less than a week.

Lastly, a lot of things happened in December as well! The HI-SUMMER merch has been released, we had a go with the Brand Sale weeks, and we’ve also sent out gifts of love to our VIBs (Very Important Beauties)! Of course, we can't forget our annual donation towards SPCA. With the 7,106 paper bags given out at our offline stores, HIKOCO got to donate the total of $3,553! Thanks for choosing to donate your 50cents towards saving animals in need in New Zealand 🥰 Wrapping up the year and going through some numbers, I’ve realised that we had over 350+ new arrivals, and around 10 new brands introduced in 2021! These discoveries for innovative and trendy K-Beauty products and brands will be everlasting in HIKOCO, to deliver you the best products only 💞

I wonder how 2021 has been for each of you. Would you have had a life-changing event, started a new precious relationship, or did it just all go too fast that you can’t think of anything special? Even so, you would’ve had your laughs, smiles, and days to look back to. And I hope at least one of your special things to remember, includes taking time to self-love and self-care, leading to building bonds with HIKOCO! As we say our goodbyes to our good memories, it’s time to greet the new year. Let it be one where it doubles your laughs, smiles, and days to look back to xx

Thanks for a blasting 2021 Beauties, see you in 2022.

Truly Yours,


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