Beauties, Hit That '23 Replay 🐰💿

by Michelle Li

Oh, what a year 2023 has brought HIKOCO! To showcase exactly how, we thought we would bring a special edition of TMI to replay the year, just before it truly ends. Let’s reminisce on the new memories created that are so full of happiness! So Beauties, why don’t we HIT THAT REPLAY?! 🎶⏪

January came in strong as we put FIVE brands that YOU loved on sale with Brand Week! We showcased the brands, Round Lab, Heimish, Beauty of Joseon, Purito and Rom&nd, each for one week by putting ALL their products at a discount. If your new year’s resolution was ‘pretty skin’, then I'm sure you would have filled up your baskets to the max level 🛒 

We all know what February brings… HIKOCO’s Anniversary 🎂 This year was our 7th Birthday and it sure was a “HI-LUCKY 7” one! It only made sense to kick it off with our LUCKY BOXES, and it made for an incredible start 📦 300 BOXES sold out in a fast 8 MINUTES ⏱️👏🏻 Whether you’ve been here with us since 2016 or just joined the HIKOCO K-Beauty Playground last week, THANK YOU ALL! 

March looked like we were taking a break from the event-planning stress, but oh boy, were we getting ready for April’s Easter Sale. Wanting to make it even more spectacular than the last, our storewide sale went on, but extra fun came from the Easter games played 🎮 ‘Count the Tulips’ giveaway, Emoji Pictionary, Spot the Difference and Easter Egg Hunt sure made this Easter Sale the most memorable one as we interacted with you guys 🐣

August came by quicker than we could blink, and that FINALLY meant the launch of HIKOCO Hi, Sheet Mask Sets 🌊🌱✨ Behind the scenes, we’ve been secretly planning, creating, trialling and designing. Which one out of the three mask sets - Hi, Hydrating, Hi, Soothing or Hi, Brightening do you love most? It took almost one year to have these creations come to life, but it was all made worth it when we received countless positive reviews. In the end, what’s most important is that our Beauties LOVE them! Definitely the motivation we need to launch something EVEN better in the future… 😉 Make sure to share with us what you want to see from HIKOCO 💭

August didn’t just stop at our sheet mask launch. We planned it so that fit perfectly in with HIKOCO K-BEAUTY WEEK, Deco My Life edition 🎨🖌️ Our sheet masks are for your endless self-care days, your AM and PM skincare routine and a way to ‘deco your life’. Your creativity definitely went wild as you decorated our cute ‘Deco My Life’ posters. It was so much fun to see all of your design entries for the Pamper Hamper prize 🧺

In September, we opened up KOCO’s My Pilates Room 🐰🩰 In collaboration with SO FITNESS, we invited eight Beauties to flow in Pilates and in our Hi, Tencel Sheet Masks. We had a blast getting to know some of you guys and definitely pushed our team to work harder. Our hearts are still so full of love from this event 🫶

Collaborations didn’t just end there though! Beauty of Joseon has been climbing to the top of our bestseller brand list and there’s a clear reason why. Their infamous Relief Sun is a go-to for many of our Beauties, which is why we HAD to feature it in our collab product, My Favourite Daily Kit ☀️ Light yet moisturising without a white cast AND paired with the airy Revive Eye Serum. We know that with this kit our Beauties have got youthful, glowing skin sorted for 2024 and onwards!

We geared up for the holidays in November with 11.11 Singles Day! We collaborated with the hottest bakery in Auckland, @fankery_ for an “I ap-peach-iate you” collab held at Newmarket. What’s better than shopping K-Beauty with a delicious Peach Oolong Tea cheesecake to end the day?

Black Friday Sale soon came and boy, we could not BELIEVE the love we received. You guys made this year's Black Friday the best yet, so… here’s another HUGE THANK YOU!!! Every K-Beauty item at our warehouse and in-store were flying off our shelves, and landing into your hands. To make sure our Beauties were served well, the entire HIKOCO team was working that Saturday. We hope that your K-Beauty haul has been giving you 💕pretty skin💕

Is it just me or did December fly by? We think so, because as soon as the Black Friday Sale ended, we started HIKOCO Wrapped literally right away 🏆 This year’s edition of 2023 KOCO Awards showed exactly what was most-loved by our Beauties - that’s EVERYTHING K-Beauty, from makeup, skincare, hair and down to our nails too 💅 

But the very last month of the year is all about festivities and the holidays. So on 14th December, we started our first Christmas Countdown with 12 days of K-Beauty gifts 🎄🗓️ Each day up till Christmas, we brought out a gift, event, flash sale and threw in some giveaways too. We had so much fun playing Santa to put this advent-style event together for you 🎅🏻 We hope each day brought you both surprise and happiness! Even more so when we sent our VIBs (Very Important Beauties) a little pressie package too 🎁 

As we’re nearing the end of year together, team HIKOCO can’t appreciate you enough for the endless love that you have shown us. We just know that 2024 will bring forth a new feat and of course, much MORE K-Beauty. Do you think we can beat 545 new arrivals, 10+ brands and a plentiful amount of events in the coming year? Just you wait, we have A LOT in store!

Have a happy new year, and we wish 2024 is filled with even more self-care days for our dear Beauties 🐰

Truly Yours,


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