HI-TIPS: Beauty Sleep Tips

by Hara Kang

Good Sleep makes beautiful skin  

Hi Beauties 

Recently I have met many customers who have skin concerns on dark circles, blemishes, un-even & dull skin tones and break outs. There are several different reasons for these skin concerns. But if you change your sleeping routine to start with, you can see the improvement on your skin day by day. No money and no extra time are needed. 

Did you know you could change your skin condition by simply re-arranging your sleeping routine? There are surprisingly many people who have bad sleeping habits that ruins skin condition. so I am going to show you some amazing beauty sleep tips for your skin today. Please check your sleeping pattern after reading this tips.


Firstly, your sleeping time and hours

Wha time do you normally go to bed?

The skin rejuvenates most actively between 10pm - 2am, which also means you only have 90 minutes per 8 hours of sleep for skin rejuvenation.. If you sleep after 2am, it means you miss the 'golden hour' of your skin.

It would be perfect to go to bed at 10pm but it is hard to do in real life. So I promise myself to go to bed before 12am. It will be hard to change the sleeping time but if you try several days, you can see the difference on your skin just by going to bed at the right time. 


Secondly, Night time skincare

Collagen and elastin are produced during the rejuvenating hours So your skincare is more effective at night than day time. You need to utlilize this time as much as possible. For example, sheet masks are most effective at night than the day time. This is why you keep your skincare simple during the day and do the special care at night. There is less chance of damaging the active ingredients by the sun(UVA/UVB). No matter what you put on your skin, the active ingredients penetrate and work better while you are asleep. 


Thirdly, How to get a Good Sleep

Of course deep sleep is another important thing. It's good to go to bed early but if you don't take a deep sleep, you won't take the advantage of the rejuvenation time. 

Do not miss the time! Apparently, our bio-rhythm is set to make us sleepy, then awake every 4 hours in a day. And it gets sleepier as we head to night. There are certain times of a day that we feel drowsy or awake. It is because of this 4 hours cycle. If you feel sleepy you'd better to go to bed straight away to get to sleep easily. If you delay it for a while to do something, then you may lose your chance to get good sleep. 

There are somethings that you need to be careful in order to get a good sleep. STAY AWAY FROM Mobile Phone!! This short wave blue light from the screen can distract your sleep. Our body produces a hormone called 'Melatonin' at night which leads us to sleep. But this blue light distracts our melatonin production. If you cannot get a good sleep or suffer from insomnia, please avoid this even though it is not very easy. Lights from computer or any portable pc is bad for our body and it tans our skin as well. OMG!

Taking a shower at night is a good tip for deep sleep. It gets your body temperature up that helps the circulation of blood around the body. When you go to bed, the temperature will drop to get back to the normal temperature.Then it helps you to get a good sleep. If you take a shower in the morning, put something warm on the belly in the bed for a similar effect. 

Apply the eye mask before you go to bed. This is another tip to get a good sleep. The eye mask relaxes dry and tired eyes with delicated warmth at about 41.5'c lasts and leaves eyes feeling comfortable. Every time I feel too tired after hard working but cannot get sleep, I apply this on the bed. 


And at the very last 

Change your pillow case often. This is the most important part. End of the day you have many dusts and dirts on your hair and scalps. Also your scalps produces oil to protect from environment that might causing your skin break out. 

No matter what material your pillowcase is, if it is not changed regularly, then it can have more grime, dirt and sweat. If you have any thick products on your hair when you sleep, the oils from your hair sit on the surface of your pillowcase and that can transfer to your face. If you don't have time to wash your pillowcase, then get a towel on the pillow and change it regularly. 

Hope you guys enjoy this tips and try it from tonight to get beautiful skin! 

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