by Isabel Bang

Santa Koco’s Coming to Town

Merry Christmas Beauties!🤶🏻🎅🏻💕

As a thank you for all your love and support for Hikoco in 2018, we’ve decided to become your Santa Koco and grant you the TOP THREE wish items 🎁

In order to grab the chance of receiving our Christmas present, you will need to tell us what’s on your wishlist!

  1. Follow Hikoco’s Instagram account (@hikoconz) 🐰❣️
  2. Write a short letter to Santa Koco and post an Instagram story of your letter 📝 - This letter can be hand-written or written in your phone! Doesn’t have to be creative nor pretty, no pressure xx
  3. In your letter, list the top three items on your wishlist from Hikoco’s products - Can be any products! Your favourite ones, or ones you’ve never used 🙈 
  4. Tag us in your story, so we can see! 👈🏻 Very important! If you don’t tag us, we can’t see, which means you’re not on the list
  5. We'll send you a "❤️" as a reply when we receive your story - Due to a system fail, we're missing some of your entries 😢 Direct message us if you haven't received a ❤️!

We will grant three beauties their wishes, who will be selected RANDOMLY in a raffle, with the 1st place to be granted all three wishes!
* 2nd place granted top 2 wishes
* 3rd place granted top 1 wish

Have a look at our Story Highlights to see the Hikoco staff’s wish lists! - in case you don’t know which items to wish for 😉

Now, get posting your wishlists and sit tight for Santa Koco to send you your presents to your doorstep 📦 Keep your fingers crossed till “Christmas Eve”! HO HO HO 🎅🏻🎄

And thank you all again for being our Christmas miracle💕

✔️This promotion is an “Instagram ONLY” promotion
✔️Gift sets are unavailable for this promotion
✔️Promotion entry closes on 24th December 2018

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