HI-TUTORIAL: One palette makeup [Heimish Coral Essay] 🌸

by Isabel Bang

Hi Beauties 💕

A reason I love using eye palettes is because you can make your whole look with a single palette!😍

Although we’re starting to hit rain and wind these days, imma show you my daily look for the past few months. During the warm weather, I tend to go for a more pinkish, lighter look rather than using brown gradients. I see a rather few people who are new to the whole eye shadow game, too scared to use the bright colours on the eyes as they are less natural. But when you give it a try and get some confidence off it, you cannot stop using them.

So here’s one of my daily eye-stylings in the S/S seasons with the O-Lens Russian Velvet Grey contact lens and the Heimish Eye Palette #Coral Essay!

Plus, I've got my friend to wear one of my daily go-to contact lens to give the eye makeup a little more sparkle, the O-Lens Russain Velvet Grey (hint hint, these are on special price in HIKOCO for this month 😉)


Starting off with the matte base colourPure Peach” to cover the whole eyelid - point is to blend blend blend with a brush with MINIMAL force as possible!

The middle colour to act as a transition shade will be “Peach Coral”. That’s going on the crease of the eye and also on the bottom of the eyes, just on the tail of each eye - Also make sure to blend blend blend! The more you blend the more natural it gets!

On the inner corners of the eye and the underline, “Coral Glitter” will act as the highlight shade. And decided to apply a tiny bit on the centre of the eyelid as well - though it might be a little extra for a daily look, I’m all about glitters so...

To finish off this eyeshadow journey, use “Litch Brownclose to the waterline both on the upper and lower lash area. I tend to have the lower lash line horizontally straight to give a more longer and opened look.

I’ve used a brown pencil eyeliner (Clio Sharp, So Simple Eye liner #2 Brown) & a brown mascara (Etude House Dual Wide Eyes Mascara #2 Brown) to as a deep black liner + mascara might make this look too extra. Also it might not seem a bit isolated from the light, soft coral shades.

AAAND here’s the finished look! ✨


So that was the full eye make up done with one single eye palette, the Heimish #Coral Essay topped with the O-Lens Russian Velvet Grey. Although it's a rough tutorial, I guess we'll improve as we go on 😂😂

We'll start having tutorials even with our new Youtube channel here so stay tuned!

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