HI-REVIEW: Abib Gummy Sheet Mask Madecassoside Mask

by Charlotte Wright

Let’s be real, sheet masks are never the easiest to use. They always seem like a good idea at the time and then you have to deal with how they never fit and dip everywhere! Well, I was once told “What is worth doing is never easy” and I’m taking this standpoint on sheet masks. No matter how much effort they may be, they ARE worth it. They are full so goodness (and product!) they’re basically a giant drink for your skin after a long hard day. 

As with most skincare, it is best to research which ingredient will best benefit your skin type before investing. Abib do a variety of Gummy Sheet Masks for different skin concerns; I was lucky enough to try out the Madecassoside one.

Price: $60

Quantity: 10 pack

Madecassoside is a smart and powerful active ingredient, it’s one of the most prominent molecules found in Centella Asiatica, also known as Tiger Balm, which is prized for its beneficial properties for sensitive or inflamed skin. 

It is an effective antioxidant that reduces free radicals and boosts hydration. Along with its anti-inflammatory properties, it can bring relief to atopic or psoriasis prone skin with its anti-itching, anti-redness and smoothing effect.

Madecassoside plays well with other products and ingredients and can even be boosted by them. Use this mask alongside a Vitamin C or hyaluronic acid serum for juicy boost in hydration.  

I set myself the task of using a mask every other night for one week, I thought it would be difficult to find the time but I was surprised how easy it fit into my nightly routine. 

The masks are truly saturated in product which may be slightly messy at first but a big win for value for money. The product itself does not have a strong smell so it’s easy to wear for the full recommended time. The masks are simple but securely packaged so easy to take away with you on a weekend if you have an event that you want your skin to look it’s best for. Not leaks here! 

Now the trick to apply a sheet mask is to hold each side and stretch it over your cheeks and nose first, then when that’s secure you can place the forehead and the chin parts, folding up any extra under your jaw line and at your temples. Remember sheet masks are ALWAYS one size fits all and there are many lovely face shapes so none will ever fit you perfectly and that’s more than ok 😊

Remember: When you remove the mask, rub ALL the product into your skin! There may seem like a lot, but it will sink in and your skin will thank you for it. I usually take it down my neck as well! 


Final thoughts 

I would recommend the Abib Madecassoside sheet mask to any skin type as it’s wonderfully smoothing and uplifting. I’m looking forward to trying the other variations from Abib!

Not only did using the sheet mask every other day do wonders for my skin hydration, I found benefits in my mental health also. Taking those extra 20 mins for self-love every other day really made me feel happier about how I was looking after myself and truly being present in those moments. 

Lockdown can have such an effect on us all and sometimes we don’t even realise how stressed we are. I recommend taking this extra time we’ve been given and being truly kind to yourself in these moments. 

Stay safe and stay hydrated! 

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