HI-REVIEW: Abib Heartleaf Spot Pad Calming Touch

by Michelle Li

Hi Beauties!

Today we are trying a best seller from Abib, their Heartleaf Spot Pad Calming Touch toner pad! Abib is a popular skincare brand, both Korea and internationally, and is well known for their sheet masks and toner pads. This particular toner pad has won the Olive Young Award (one of the biggest skincare retailers in Korea) for consecutive years which is how I knew about this product!

Key Features

How to use:

It is a rather versatile product and I mainly use it these 2 ways:

  1. As a toner pad to wipe any residual dirt on the skin as well as minor exfoliation. Think of it as a toner, minus the need to damp a cotton pad.
  2. As a sheet mask to provide spot treatment in areas for extra soothing and boost of hydration.

Bonus: if the toner pad is still damp after the application, I would use them on the body because nothing shall go to waste! 

Price: $32

Quantity: 80 pads 

Packaging: A green screw cap tub with tweezer and tweezer storage. 10/10 for supplying a tweezer that works well and can actually pick up toner pads!

Texture: First things first, I was shocked to see the amount of essence in the tub when I first opened it! Not only were all the pads drenched with essence, there was actually still so much liquid! When I said drenched, I meant DRENCHED. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo to show cause I travelled with it and had some leakage (😢) but the essence was filled to ⅓ to ½ of the tub.

The cotton pads are about fist size big and come with a smooth side and a mesh side to provide different levels of exfoliation. 

Scent: No particular scent that I noticed.

The star ingredient of the product is Heartleaf aka Houttuynia Cordata extract. It is one of my favourite skincare ingredients and sort of an all rounder that provides hydration, anti-inflammatory, skin regeneration and antioxidant properties. 

My experience

The biggest perk of using a toner pad for me is the convenience! I sometimes skip washing my face in the morning and so use the toner pad to wipe my face clean instead, guaranteeing a big timer saver! I also like to use it as a sheet mask during the cold winter days as putting on a full sheet mask is way too cold!

Would I say this toner pad is extremely soothing? Probably not if you use it to wipe the skin so if you are after serious soothing benefits I would suggest going for a leave on product like a serum instead. But if you use this as a spot sheet mask, then you will definitely see the soothing benefits.

In my experience, this is probably one of the best toner pads on the market with its packaging and the double-sided cotton pads. So if you are wanting to try toner pads for the first time, look no further! And if you are already a frequent user of toner pads, this is one that won’t disappoint you. 

Not the most travel-friendly product in my opinion though due to the potential leakage, but also this is probably not a common product to bring while travelling haha. Not sure how the essence escaped with a screw cap (multiple times too!) so at your own risk! 

Hope you enjoyed the review! Wishing you a good hair and skin day xx

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