HI-REVIEW: Anua Green Lemon Vita C Blemish Serum

by Carly A

Vitamin C is one of the ingredients I always make sure to include in my routine to help brighten my skin and even out my skin tone! I was really excited to try the Anua Green Lemon Vita C Blemish Serum as it’s designed to boost radiance and revitalize aging skin.

Price: $52
Quantity: 20ml
How to use: Use after cleansing & toning, up to twice daily. Smooth 2-3 drops over face & neck avoiding eyes. A little goes a long way.

Product Features

The hero feature of this serum is its high concentration of pure vitamin C (20%), along with Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E. Together these three ingredients work to reduce sun spots while providing a bright, youthful complexion.

Vitamin C helps to reduce sun spots, and brighten your skin while Vitamin E has antioxidant properties and boosts your skin's hydration. The Ferulic Acid helps to support the stability of Vitamin C & E. 

It's worth noting that because of the high concentration of pure vitamin C, doing a patch test is recommended before full application, as it might cause irritation to some skin types. Additionally, it's best to store the serum in the fridge to prevent oxidation. 

Personal Review

Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been using the Anua serum after cleansing in the morning and evening. I noticed quite an improvement in my skin texture after the first week of using the serum, which was really impressive! 

I did notice that the serum felt slightly sticky after I applied it but once I followed up with my usual moisturiser and sunscreen my skin felt completely fine. The scent of this serum is slightly citrusy, and was a little overpowering for my liking! But the scent does dissipate once it’s applied. 

This serum definitely worked its magic over a short period of time! I feel like it’s left me with a noticeably brighter and clearer complexion. Even areas of hyperpigmentation showed signs of improvement, giving me that coveted "glass skin" effect that I've always dreamed of. Consistency is key with skincare so with longer term use I think I’ll see an even greater improvement.

The serum comes in a lovely glass bottle with a dropper, which makes it really easy to dispense the serum without any product going to waste. I do love the ombre lemon and green colour of the packaging too! 

Overall, despite some very minor points, the Anua Green Lemon Vita C Blemish Serum really surprised me. I’ve tried a number of Vitamin C serums and creams only to be left quite disappointed with the lack of results, not to mention that high potency Vitamin C products can be very expensive. The Anua Green Lemon Vita C Blemish Serum is a fantastic price for a high potency vitamin C!

I’d recommend this serum for anyone looking to brighten their skin and improve the appearance of their overall skin tone. Just be sure to patch test and store it properly for best results, as well as applying sunscreen if you’re using it in the morning! 

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