HI-REVIEW: Axis-Y Calamine Pore Control Capsule Serum

by Michelle Li

Kia ora Beauties!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Calamine Pore Control Capsule Serum and putting its “pore-tightening” claims to the test, so let’s get into it!

Price: $34

Quantity: 50ml

How To Use: Apply an appropriate amount of cream and spread evenly over the skin

Product Features

I was really intrigued when I first heard about this serum as it claims to be a “pore tightening serum” that also helps to control oil using a number of key, natural ingredients. One of the main ingredients in this serum, as the name suggests, is Calamine. I’d never heard of this ingredient before, so I did some research, and Calamine is a naturally occurring substance mainly made up of zinc oxide and iron oxide. It’s often used to help calm irritated skin and itchiness from things like rashes and insect bites. 

This ultra-calming ingredient is paired up with a whole bunch of other natural ingredients such as Centella Asiatica Extract - for boosting your skin’s natural healing process, Mugwort - which helps to increase elasticity and radiance, Broccoli (yup, you heard that right!) - which is rich in Vitamins C and E to lighten pigmentation. And a whole heap of other ingredients that are known for soothing, brightening and tightening the skin!

Personal Experience

Being completely honest here, when I first started using this serum I was a little let down. It promised to help tighten pores and reduce oil which, as a combination-skin girly, I was really looking forward to. But after a few uses I noticed that it really wasn’t doing much to help my pores appear smaller, or to reduce the amount of sebum around my T-zone.

I kept using it hoping to see a difference, but I still didn’t really notice anything crazy in terms of oil-reduction. Interestingly though, since using this serum, I’ve started seeing a HUGE improvement in the overall look of my skin. The longer I use it, the more evened out and radiant my skin has been looking! I’ve noticed areas that were dull or pigmented before, are looking so much better and more even in terms of tone and brightness.

I’ve also noticed that despite my pore still looking the same, and my T-zone still getting oily, the other areas of my face feel a lot more hydrated and nourished which I love! Something else I really love about this serum is the packaging. It comes in a tube with a clear nozzle, which makes it easy to see how much product is coming out of the tube so that you don’t waste any, which is super handy.

All in all, I really like this serum. Despite the fact that it didn’t really help tighten my pores or reduce oil, it did an amazing job at making my skin look healthy and vibrant. And honestly, I'm more than okay with that. If you’re looking for a serum that will help reduce sebum and make your pores appear smaller, this might not be the best product for you. But if you’ve been on the hunt for a really reasonably-priced brightening and soothing serum that will give you that natural glow-from-within, you NEED to try this!

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