HI-REVIEW: BellaMonster Pore Out Solution Pad 🍉

by Zoey Lim

Hellooo Beauties! 🧚🏻

It’s nearing the end of the year and Auckland’s weather is gradually getting warmer, which means my skin gets red and flushed more often🔥 Regardless of the summertime, I’ve always suffered from redness and enlarged pores, and I’ve recently found a two-in-one product to combat these specific skin concerns🤩 Keep reading to know more about the magic of BELLAMONSTER’s Watermelon-infused toner pads! 🍉

Price: $24

Quantity: 70 pads, 155ml 

Product description:

The BellaMonster Pore Out Solution Pad comes with freshly squeezed watermelon seed oil that penetrates into pores to give an excellent pore tightening effect.”

Key points:

  • Clarifies and shrinks pores 
  • Cools and refreshes the skin 
  • Moisturises with watermelon seed oil 

How to use: 

After cleansing, use the pad to wipe across your face excluding areas around the eyes.

What’s real convenient about this toner’s packaging is that it comes in a sturdy tub with a one-touch cap, which means that I don’t have to screw the lid on/off for every use. It also keeps things hygienic which is always an instant extra point for me ✨

BELLAMONSTER is the first brand I’ve tried toner pads from, and I have to say that I’m absolutely loving the concept of pre-soaked pads in such a convenient tub! I have previously also tried their Blemish Care Solution (Calamansi) pads which you can find a review of here https://hikoco.co.nz/blogs/hilog/hi-review-new-bella-monster-toner-pads-carrot-calamansi-hijiki. Say goodbye to constantly worrying if you’ve stocked up on enough cotton pads for your bottled toners! Plus, every pad comes with an embossed side AND a smooth side for a gentle exfoliation on the surface layer of your skin 😌

I’m always looking for products that suit my combination-oily skin type, which these toner pads are definitely made for! Its formula consists of watermelon seed oil and xylitol, and these ingredients help effectively with removing dead skin cells and excess sebum, as well as cools down the skin for a soothing effect. Some other key ingredients to note of are green tea extract (hydrates the skin and cleans pores), aloe vera extract (calms the skin and cleans pores), and Panthenol/Vitamin B5 (prevents the skin from drying out). 

I was actually pleasantly surprised by how the cooling effect lasted all throughout the rest of my skincare routine, which makes layering products all the more enjoyable ☃️

If you give these pads a hard squeeze, you’ll be shocked with how much essence is packed in one singular pad! This means extra moisture/hydration for your face (and neck too!) 💦

Watermelon seed is a type of natural oil that is lightweight in consistency and not sticky, and that works perfectly for everyday use on my oily skin! I’ve gone through many, many toners over the past years and this one gives me the most refreshed feel out of all; I particularly love using it in the mornings as it is an instant wake-me-up and gives me that boost of freshness to start my day right 🐳


I’ve been using the pads daily for 4 weeks now, and I have to say it’s up there in the hall of fame with my all-time favourite Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner. They both function very differently and consist of completely different ingredients, but I’ve been thoroughly impressed with BELLAMONSTER’s products recently and totally understand why they’re all the rage in Korea at the moment. It keeps me feeling fresh and my pores squeaky clean (though I’m not too sure if the tightening effect is really working!). There aren’t many toners on the market that are formulated with watermelon seed oil at the moment, which makes this product different from any other 💚

Once again, thanks for reading Beauties! Let’s get our summer skin prep going and let’s be pretty! 🌷

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