HI-REVIEW: NEW BellaMonster Toner Pads [Carrot🥕, Calamansi 🍋, Hijiki 🌊]

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Hi Beauties 💕

The infamous Bella Monster has finally launched in NZ!! 

Bella Monster is one of the hottest emerging skincare brands in Korea. Especially their Toner pads are super popular as Bella Monster started selling its brand name with the “Carrot Pads”, becoming a trend in between the Beauty Youtubers. 

By wiping down with a toner pad at the first step of your skincare routine, it refines skin texture that gently removes dead skin cells and leftover dirt from deep pores. All you have to do is to take one pad out, to wipe down after washing your face. I would recommend you to use them every day and night instead of using toner - mild and effective exfoliation happening right here!

One minor thing that I absolutely loved about the Bella Monster Pads was the One-Touch Cap, which meant that I don’t have to screw the lid every single time when using. I tell you that it is VERI minor, but trust me, it was a new world for me 😂

You can also write down the opening date for your pads to track the expiry date. Never use any products for more than a year! Also, check the expiry date for these & keep on track.

+ they’re cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, which is what I actually look for first when I decide on what products to use for my routine. 

Now let’s get on to the reviews, shall we? I had a look at all three types of pads to find the reason why Korean beauties are so crazy about Bella Monster theses days.

Stress Out Solution Care Pad [Carrot Pad] 

$24NZD / 70pads / 155ml 

The Carrot Pad is known to instantly calm stressed, acne, irritated skin, while it gently exfoliates to reveal radiance, brightening the dull skin tone. Most known for its effects on whitehead pimples and troubled skin! 

Its key ingredients include (1) Carrot Seed Oil, which helps strengthen skin health and moisturizes as well. A plus is that this type of natural oil is lightweight and not sticky. Another key ingredient is (2) Centella Asiatica Extract, that everyone knows that is good for repairing skin. It is the best ingredient for sensitive and acne-prone skin, to soothe and calm.


I would say that the Carrot Pad of Bella Monster is recommended for:

  • Acne-prone skin, red and uneven, irritated
  • Skin that needs extra moisturizing
  • Dry and acne-prone skin

Personal thoughts: 

This pad helped me to reduce down the whiteheads around the nose and chin. It left me with a fresh clean sensation after the quick wipe (as most toner pads do haha). Also, it gave enough moisture to my skin, unlike the COSRX One Step Original Pad which was a bit dry to me. The COSRX One Step Original Pad also helps with acne and pimples but like most products for acne-skin are, it’s for oily skin rather than dry. For someone like me, who has dry and acne-prone skin, this pad would be the one to go! 

When I first used this pad though, at times I found the pads making bubbles which I just very concerned about. I thought that it might be some harsh ingredients that caused it, which I might react to. I searched up Bella Monster’s website and they had an answer to this!

Q. It gets bubbly when I use the pad, Is it okay? 

A. Yes of course! This is because of the ingredients called ‘C12-14 Pareth-12’, which helps the oil to blend in with other ingredients. Thus, a small number of bubbles can be formed but, it doesn't cause any irritations or harm to our skin

Honestly, this answer made me love the Carrot Pad even more, cause now I definitely know there ain’t going to be any surprises to the ingredients in this one. They also say that the Vitamin A included is safe for pregnant ladies as well so, 👍🏻👍🏻

Blemish Care Solution Pad [Calamansi Pad]

$24NZD / 70Pads / 155ml 

When I hear the word Calamansi, I can only think of soju 😂Please tell me that I’m not the only one haha. Calamansi is often mixed with the Korean spirits soju, because of its detoxifying effects - I GUARANTEE YOU NO HANGOVERS! Enough with the drinking, but Bella Monster brought it to the skincare game as well 🤭

Similar to the Goodal Tangerine series, the natural Vitamin C is known to be super with blemish care and dead skin cell care, leaving a pure and clean skin tone! Filled up with all sorts of vitamins from calamansi it improves skin texture, brightening.

As for the key ingredients, of course, there is the (1) Calamansi Fruit Extract, which has 30 times more vitamin C than lemon. It’s all for dull and dark spot blemish care but also soothes irritated skin. On top of this, there’s also (2) Niacinamide, which is again another famous ingredient for whitening and prevents melanin pigmentation. So you can say that this pad is just all about turning on a light bulb on your face 💡Plus, it’s apparently great for anti-aging and pores as well.


So, the Calamansi Pad would be perfect for :

  • Blemish skin, pigmentation
  • Redness, dull and uneven skin tone
  • Dry and sensitive skin

Not my personal thoughts but my friends (was worried the vitamin C might break me out hehe): 

Just from using the Bella Monster pads I’ve noticed my skin has become a lot brighter and clearer. This product has helped a lot with fading my acne scars and brightening my skin tone. Love how the packaging is so simple and nice! If you're wanting fast, effective results, MUST TRY THIS ONE!

Sensitive Care Solution Pad [Hijiki Pad]

$27NZD / 70Pads / 165ml 

Lastly the Hijiki Pad! I was wondering what Hijiki (톳) is so I searched it up: “a brown sea vegetable growing wild on rocky coastlines around Korea, Japan, and China” (Wikipedia). So the idea is that because they are grown wild on the rocks where the waves hit over and over again, the roots are very strong and nutritious. For Bella Monster, they get their hijiki from a southern town called Wando! The Hijiki pads are mostly for sensitive skincare, that moisturizes and protects the skin. The main difference for this pad from the others is that it’s 100% pure COTTON pads, making them SUPER SUPER SOFT.

Key ingredients include (1) Hizikia Fusiforme Extract (from Wando, Korea) that soothes sensitive skin and protects the skin barrier. Being seaweeds, the extracts are enormously high in vitamins and minerals which are perfect for sensitive skins. (2) Undaria Pinnatifida Sporophyll Extract (again, from Wando) is also another type of seaweed extract, full of minerals and nutrients. If we wanna move out from the seaweeds, there’s also (3) Fucoidan, which is the main ingredient for deep moisturizing! Not only it moisturises, but also strengthens the moisture barrier, locking down the hydration entirely to your skin!


The Bella Monster Hijiki Pads are great for those are: 

  • Skin sensitive to environments and minor changes
  • Dry skin, lack of moisture
  • Sensitive skin that needs mild pore care and exfoliation

Personal thoughts: 

This pad is just so AMAZING. It was my first time to try out a pure cotton pad that softly removes remaining dirt / dead skin cells from my skin. Individual pads contain a generous amount of essence that makes my skin very moisturized. To be honest, this one was my favourite out of all toner pads that I’ve tried so far 🙌🏻 this one’s a 12/10!

+ some photos to show you how much essence was filled in the Hijiki Pads

That was the long review about all the three Toner Pads from Bella Monster, and I really hope that some of these information have helped you to decided which one out of the three would be perfect for you! Check out the full review video on our HIKOCO Youtube Channel, to see me and our staff talking about our experiences with the Pads 😘

Let's Be Pretty Beauties ✨

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    It is very interesting to read. I feel like to try this toner pad for my acne-prone skin

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