HI-REVIEW: Benton Bakuchiol Serum

by Zoe Roche

Hey Beauties, 

It's officially winter, and while this season is great for ice skating and indulging in hot chocolate, it's not so great for our skin. Fine lines, dryness, and dullness are all common side effects of cold weather, but luckily Benton has us covered with their luxurious Bakuchiol Serum.

Product Description 

At the heart of this serum lies Bakuchiol, nature's answer to Retinol. If you haven't heard of Bakuchiol, then you're in for a treat. This super ingredient does it all: it stimulates skin cell turnover, smooths wrinkles, and improves skin tone and texture. And the best part? It does it all without the negative side effects of Retinoids, such as sensitivity and irritation.

As a bonus, it also includes Niacinamide and Adenosine. Niacinamide is often used in exfoliators to help brighten your complexion, diminish the appearance of imperfections, and promote a more even skin texture. If you have particularly sensitive skin, rest assured, as Niacinamide adds an extra layer of protection against inflammation. 

Adenosine is a soothing and revitalising compound. Known for its remarkable anti-aging properties, Adenosine works diligently to smooth out fine lines, effectively reducing the visible signs of ageing, which is perfect for Beauties with more mature skin. 

Personal Review

As a dedicated skincare enthusiast, I hold high expectations for the products I incorporate into my routine. I'm particularly picky when it comes to serums since I consider them more of a luxury than my other products. But Benton's Bakuchiol Serum has exceeded every one of my expectations, and it's a go-to for when my skin needs a pick me up. 

The first thing I noticed was how thick the serum was. While I'm used to more watery products, with its rich caramel colour and dense texture, the Bakuchiol Serum exudes luxury. What was particularly surprising was that despite the serum being thick, it absorbed very quickly, allowing me to proceed with the subsequent steps of my skincare ritual without delay.

Now, let's talk results! This serum has been a game-changer for me. I struggle with uneven skin tone, and the cold makes it a lot worse, turning my cheeks pink and blotchy. But since incorporating the Bakuchiol Serum into my routine, I've seen some remarkable improvements. My skin looks more hydrated and radiant, and most importantly, my skin tone is much more even!

One thing that sets this serum apart is its ability to deliver these fantastic results without any irritation. I've experienced some sensitivity with retinoids in the past. One product I tried actually made my skin redder and gave me a tingling sensation, so I'm especially cautious about putting active ingredients on my face. But with the Bakuchiol Serum, I've experienced zero redness, no stinging, just pure goodness. 

Now, one of the main benefits of this serum is its anti-aging properties. However, because I'm quite young, I didn't think my opinion alone could do the serum justice. So, I let my mum try it out. After a few weeks, she was hooked. I could notice a significant difference in her complexion as the serum made her skin plumper which decreased the visibility of fine lines. After seeing her results, I'm confident those with mature skin would absolutely love this product!

So, if you're on the hunt for a serum that feels amazing, delivers fantastic results, and treats your skin like royalty, look no further. Benton Bakuchiol Serum is here to elevate your skincare game and boost your complexion as well as your confidence. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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