HI-REVIEW: Benton Guava 70 Skin Toner Face Mask Pad

by Claire De Guzman

If you’re looking for an ‘express’ sheet-mask that calms, hydrates and brightens skin, these Benton Guava toner pads are definitely worth a try. 

Price: $48

Quantity: 70 pads

How to use: 

  1. After cleansing, use the enclosed tweezers to take out the pad.
  2. Place the pad on the area you need to calm and remove it after 5-10 minutes.
  3. Lightly pat in any excess essence into the skin.

Product Features

These toner pads contain 70% Jeju Guava Leaf extract. When Guava Leaf extract is applied to the skin, it helps to break the bonds between dead skin cells and the base layer, which brightens the skin and reduces blemishes. Guava leaf extract is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, E and polyphenol which helps to calm skin and maintain elasticity. 

I was pretty impressed when I read about Benton’s ‘Calming Complex’, which is made up of seven key ingredients used in these toner pads. These are: guava (antioxidant, calming), mugwort (calming), kelp (nutrition, hydrating), green tea (antioxidant, calming), yam root (elasticity, skin protection), houttuynia cordata (calming, trouble skin care, heat care) and calendula (sensitive skin care). 

The product has also been clinically tested for ‘triple skin improvement’, where trial participants saw improvement in skin texture, redness and transparency. Additionally, 100% of testers said they were satisfied with the product.

The container comes with a set of tweezers which click into the underside of the lid, which I thought was a nice touch. It’s great for hygiene but also helps to separate out each toner pad. 

Personal experience

The toner pads are made of three pulp layers, so they’re thicker than other toner pads I’ve used. They are cushiony soft and hold so much moisture. After using the pads, I tried squeezing one to see how much essence was left, and it came out in steady drips. Used as masks, they stick well to the skin and don’t slide around. You can also easily rip them (which is part of the design), to fit specific areas of your face for example across your nose.

I noticed a difference even after just one use. I used it at night and the next morning my skin was smooth and soft, like I had done a sheet mask the night before. I also had a pimple that was about to come to a head, but it never did, and just went back down after a couple of days. 

Over the past month, I’ve occasionally used it as a mask for the 10 minutes as recommended in the instructions. However most of the time I’ve been applying it like a regular toner pad after cleansing and patting the essence into my skin. Not because I don’t want to use it as a mask, it’s just as a mum of a toddler it’s hard to find time to do masks these days. 

It leaves my skin a bit sticky initially, just like after a sheet mask which I’m not a fan of (is anyone?). But I just layer on my other skincare and after a little while it all absorbs very nicely. The next morning, my skin is always incredibly soft and smooth. It’s been a great boost of hydration for dry skin over these winter months. As I have combination skin, I only use this at night though as it’s too dewy for me during the day. 

I really, really like these toner pads - it’s like an express sheet mask. Even if you don’t have time to let the toner pads sit on your skin for 10 minutes, if you use it like a regular toner pad, you still get sheet mask-like results. Which is just incredible!! I use it every night and love it. This will be a product I’m definitely keeping for my skincare routine. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an easy, efficient way to get sheet mask-like results without the time needed!

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